3 Best Online Lead Generation Channels for VARS

You might be using the best VAR business management software but certainly that cannot help for generating leads. Getting leads has been a challenge for many VARS. However, things can simply if they consider online channels that can generate qualified, high quality leads.

You need to market your products on different channels to target potential customers. These lead generation channels are growing in popularity with each passing year and help you to advertise or promote your products to reach out to target audience, anywhere in the world.

Following are the most effective online channels to maximize lead generation for VARS:

Social Media

Social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn can help to boost your brand’s online exposure and get more traffic. You can also run paid ads on social media sites in order to get more exposure to your social media profile. Posting engaging content or asking feedback about your products will encourage an interactive dialog between you and your followers. This will help to effectively promote your Ecommerce platform for small business and large organizations.

Content Marketing

Content marketing has been an effective strategy to produce qualified leads. Publishing relevant content on your site is an effective strategy to add leads to your funnel. For instance, you need to publish concise and informative blog posts that contain keywords linked to other pages on your site. Writing ebooks, white paper and case studies are also found to be effective content marketing tactics to generate leads.

Online Marketplaces

You might be using the Best online ecommerce solution but if you want to attract more leads, consider exporting your product catalog to online marketplaces like Amazon, Google shopping and ebay. These popular sites have opened up new markets and business opportunities and are a proven way to generate relevant and qualified leads.

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