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Wireless Sensor Network Analysis By Offering, Sensor Type, Connectivity & End-user Industry (2017)

The increasing need for remote monitoring of equipment, growing market for wearable and smart devices, and advancements in connectivity technologies play a significant role in the growth of the WSN market.

The wireless sensor network (WSN) market was valued at USD 29.06 Billion in 2016 and is expected to reach USD 93.86 Billion by 2023, at a CAGR of 18.55% between 2017 and 2023.You can download complete pdf brochure here: http://bit.ly/1twmRQ1

This wireless sensor network market, in this report has been segmented on the basis of offering, sensor type, connectivity type, end-user industry, and region.

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Automotive Heat Exchanger Market Future Demand and Growth Analysis with forecast 2025

A heat exchanger is a component which allows the transfer of heat from one medium to another at varying temperatures. In most common automotive heat exchangers, the two mediums contain fluids, which flow close to each other but separated by a metal having good heat transfer properties. Out of the two fluid in the two different mediums, one is hot and the other a cold fluid. When the temperature of the hot liquid rises, the heat of this liquid is passed on to the cold fluid through the heat exchanger, thereby increasing the temperature of the cold fluid and decreasing the same of the hot fluid.

Automotive Gesture Recognition Systems Market Future Demand and Growth Analysis with forecast 2025

Gesture recognition systems help to interpret human motion by making use of computing device. Stringent regulations against distracted driving and the growing need for enhanced driver efficiency are piloting the global automotive industry towards gesture recognition technology. With the growing number of accidents, gesture recognition systems which are intuitive and capable of retrieving information easily are making a mark in the automotive industry.

Automotive Fog Lights Market Future Demand and Growth Analysis with forecast 2025

As the name suggests, fog lights are used under foggy weather conditions. Such lights are positioned lower than the main lights of the vehicles. In most automobiles, it is placed in front of vehicles while in few vehicles it can either be placed in front or both, in front and rear of the vehicle. These lights unlike standard lamps, have the capability to ensure proper vision to drivers under extreme dark and foggy weather conditions. Such lights come in shades of blue, white and yellow.

Automotive Engine Actuators Market Future Demand and Growth Analysis with forecast 2025

An actuator is a machine component that is used for controlling or moving a system or mechanism. An actuator requires a source of energy and a control signal. The control signal is comparatively low energy and can be electric current or voltage, hydraulic or pneumatic pressure, or sometimes human power. The source of main energy can be electric current, pneumatic pressure or hydraulic fluid pressure. The actuator converts the energy into mechanical motion when it receives the control signal.

Automotive Electric Fuel Pumps Market Future Demand and Growth Analysis with forecast 2025

Fuel pumps are one of the most vital components of an automobile engine. Such pumps are used to pump out fuel from the fuel tank and deliver it to the engine for internal combustion of engine. There are three different types of fuel pumps such as electrical pumps, mechanical pumps and turbo pumps. Turbo pumps are used in rocket or jet engines whereas mechanical pumps find application in carburetor engines. Carburetor engines have now been replaced by fuel injection engines due to which electric fuel pumps have taken over the obsolete mechanical pumps.

Automotive Cyber security Market Future Demand and Growth Analysis with forecast 2025

With autonomous vehicles and connected cars around the corner and the transformation of transportation, one of the biggest that the automotive industry would face is vehicle cyber attacks. The various electrical components in a vehicle are connected by means of an internal network and if hackers gain access to a peripheral electronic control unit, they could take complete control of safety critical components such as engines or brakes. Further, there could also be concerning issues regarding the security of intelligent security systems that communicate with the automobiles. Thus, with the growing popularity of connected vehicles, the auto-makers are working in collaboration with internet service providers and software companies to offer cyber security systems to the users.

Automotive Drum Brake Market Future Demand and Growth Analysis with forecast 2025

Drum brakes are radial brakes which make use of friction caused by two brake shoes pressing outward against a spinning friction surface called drum. While disc brakes are capable of offering better braking performance and are more common in modern automobiles, drum brakes are still used for quite a few applications. These brakes are often found on the real wheel of entry level cars to achieve cost savings. Some automobiles use a braking system which partially comprises drum brakes. They make use of the friction applied to metal drums which are attached to the car wheels for stopping or slowing the vehicle.

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