Getting the Basic Rights for Your Kitchen

It is always essential to keep the “work area” efficient in a kitchen. For very often, there maybe more than one person working at a time! The arrangements may vary according to the shape and size of the space available, but the working relationship should always be considered. This can be guided by the science of Anthropometrics, which is the study of human body measurements. The Anthropometrics of a well designed kitchen is related not only to the sizes, counter heights and planning of a kitchen, but are also helpful in assessing personal lifestyles and requirements. This eventually helps in settling for a comprehensive kitchen design. The various areas of a kitchen, which have to be designed anthropometrically, include storage, food preparation, cooking, washing and waste disposal and eating (in some cases).


Adequate storage facilities should be provided in a kitchen, which should not be higher than the reach of a person with both feet flat on the floor (maximum height 74″). Each item should be stored in such a manner that it maybe easily seen, reached, grasped, taken down and put back without any excessive strain. For example, daily used items should be stored between the knee and eye level for easy accessibility. Storage should also be sufficiently flexible to stock varying amounts, sizes and kinds of food supplies.

On an average, the Minimum Shelf Storage that must be provided in a kitchen is 5 osq ft. and the Minimum Drawer Storage is sq ft. Kitchen Cabinet Dealer in Pune

Basic Dimensions

  • Distance between wall cabinets and countertops: 15″- 24″ Depth of overhead cabinets: 12″
  • Depth of base cabinets: 21″- 24″
  • Depth of base storage (if no overhead cabinets): 30″
  • For a pantry cupboard, depth of central shelf: 24″
  • Depth of mid-height shelf : 12″ -18″
  • Maximum height of a cupboard: 74″


The height of the counter should always permit a comfortable working posture. The worker should be able to sit while doing certain kitchen tasks. It is also important to ensure that materials and finishes used for counters are those that require minimum maintenance and are light in colour to ensure a pleasant working atmosphere. The Minimum Countertop Area for an average-sized kitchen should he ri sq ft.

Basic Dimensions

  • Countertop height: 30″-38″
  • (Ideally 2″-4″ below the flexed elbow while standing) (For low-level worktop, 7″-10″ below the elbow) Minimum counter space on either sides of cooking area:
  • Minimum counter space on any one side of cooking area: Minimum backsplash area where the counter meets the Toe space underneath the base cabinet: 3″


One’s preferred style of cooking, the frequency of cooking and the number of people to cook for, determines the details of the cooking area. Two different work-counter heights offer more convenience for the cook. Gas Hobs Dealer in Pune

There should be at least i8″ of space between all key activities on the island to prevent damage from heat and otherwise.

Basic Dimensions

  • Depth of cooking counter:16″-24″
  • Position of cooking hob: 6″ below the worktop
  • (Protects work counters and helps to see inside the pans) Height of oven and other appliances: B/W eye level and wai Chimney height : 56″-60″
  • Dimensions for an island cooking area
  • Minimum distance between island and wall: 3’10”


This area is used more intensively than any other activity zone. Hence, it is preferred to tailor the sink as per individual needs and usage. Dishwasher Dealer in Pune

Always use tall taps with a good clearance to get comfortable working area.

Basic Dimensions

  • Depth of sink counters: 16″-24″
  • Height of the top of sinks: 2″ below the flexed elbow while standing
  • (Prevents Leaning Over)
  • Minimum space for draining boards on either side: 24″


It is ideal to have a small eating area within the kitchen, which helps family and friends to congregate. It maybe in the form of a small two to three seater table or a pull out bar counter, next to which two stools could be placed.  Kitchen Trolley Dealer in Pune

Basic Dimensions

  • Minimum space per place setting: 12″
  • Width of table space per person: 22″ + 2″ for movement Appropriate circular table size (for four people): 39″ diameter.

Someone once said, (“The kitchen is a country where there are always discoveries to be made”) So go ahead, discover yourself through your kitchen and make the most out of it!

These guidelines are a starting point, rather than a hard and fast rule. in today’s world of studio living, make a realistic assessment of your requirements and plan out a kitchen space for yourself. You might realise that you do not need a traditional kitchen! Always opt for appliances and equipment that suit your lifestyle and cooking habits, as ‘one badly cooked dish, may ruin the meal!’

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