Correct Energy New Mexico’s Solar Financing Makes the Switch to Clean Energy Stress-Free

Correct Energy New Mexico’s mission is to help New Mexico residents install solar systems, with financial options including 0% down payment.

[Albuquerque, 7/17/2017] — Government initiatives are underway to increase solar energy consumption in New Mexico. One reason for this is the increasing awareness about the positive impact of renewable energy on the environment. Another reason, an economical one, is that the price of solar has dropped considerably in the last decade.

Correct Energy New Mexico makes it even more affordable with solar financing solutions. As such, locals will have a stress-free time installing panels that get power from the sun.

20-Year Term Lease

This financial lease lets homeowners enjoy a clean energy source for 20 years. Homeowners who move out before completing the term can turn over the responsibility of solar financing to the new owner.

The new owner has the option to buy out the loan.

The company says, “With the aid of Correct Energy New Mexico, you can reap the full benefits of going solar in no time, without having to worry about huge upfront fees. You get to save right away and gain more substantial savings in the long run.”

Financed Solar Purchase

New Mexico homeowners may also acquire a loan for high-quality solar panels with a 0% down payment. Popular options include the following:

• 18-month Same-as-Cash Loan
• 15-year 3.49% Loan

Customers may also opt for a 15-year loan, a 20-year 3.99% loan, and a 10-year 2.99% loan.

Correct Energy New Mexico understands that solar power enhances a residential property’s value and, more importantly, is a cleaner energy source. It offers a free, no-obligation consultation so that local residents can better understand the effects of having a solar system and determine the cost of installing one.

About Correct Energy New Mexico

Correct Energy New Mexico has sold and installed more than 1,500 solar panel systems since 2012, a time when solar incentives started to decline. Founder Robert Watson and partner Dottie Watson saw it as an opportunity to lay out an unprecedented game plan for residents interested in solar energy.

The company values include integrity, hope, and passion. It remains honest in its work, gets closer to its goal every day, and fosters an inner drive to continue doing what its team loves.

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