Cozy Earth Designed Crib Sheets Specifically for Babies’ Sensitive Skin

The bamboo bedding company produces high-quality and long-lasting sleep products that contribute to babies’ comfortable sleep.

[West Jordan, 07/17/2017] — Cozy Earth knows that newborn babies have sensitive skin so it designed a bamboo crib sheet that would help them sleep better. The bedding company reassures parents that its baby products use soft, healthy, and resilient fabric.

Common Skin Conditions among Newborn Babies

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, U.S. National Library of Medicine, these are the common skin conditions among newborn babies:

– Baby acne: red, pimply rashes
– Erythema toxicum: splotchy red rashes
– Milia: tiny whiteheads
– Mongolian spots: deep brown, slate gray, or blue-black flat birthmarks

Babies may also experience cutis marmorata, a pinkish-blue appearance caused by cold temperatures. These conditions do not necessarily need treatment—they may go away on their own.

Babies are susceptible to skin rashes. The environment they are in could worsen the condition. Parents can alleviate the discomfort of their babies or prevent their skin rashes by using quality crib beddings.

Bamboo Beddings for Sensitive Skin

Cozy Earth’s bamboo crib sheets do not overheat and trigger allergies. The product makes use of hypoallergenic fabric that is free from harmful chemicals and dyes. This means the user may enjoy a comfortable and restful sleep without allergies and irregular body temperatures.

The product is also machine washable and dryer safe, so parents no longer have to worry about cleaning and maintenance.

Skin rashes are common among newborn babies. They do not always require treatment, but parents can address the condition in their own ways. Quality crib sheets that are free of harmful chemicals and dyes are one way of alleviating or avoiding skin rashes.

About Cozy Earth

Cozy Earth is the foremost source of luxurious, innovative 100% bamboo beddings.

It studies the latest bedding industry trends and applies them in the business, delivering the highest quality linen, sheets, comforters and other bedding products. The company uses a detail-oriented, thoughtful approach to making high-quality, long-lasting, and comfortable products for unparalleled sleep experience.

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