Dr. Leslie Gerstman Restores Youthful Appearance with OxyMist Facials

The NYC medical spa of Dr. Leslie Gerstman has a chemical-free procedure that improves the quality of skin healing and reduces recovery time.

[New York, 7/17/2017] – Dr. Leslie Gerstman continues her 13-year pursuit for beauty by transforming the lives of women with aesthetic services. Her roster of offerings includes the Oxy-Mist Oxygen Facial—a gentle treatment that addresses dull and aging skin.

Dr. Gerstman’s ability in altering the aging process while maintaining natural appearances is what makes the board-certified physician a best kept secret in the Upper East Side. Her NYC medical spa helps customers put their best face forward by customizing facials according to specific requirements.

Oxygen for Aging Skin

According to Dr. Gerstman, the skin loses its ability to hold on to oxygen over the years. By the age of 30, the skin can only absorb oxygen by 30%. Lack of oxygen in the dermis of the skin, she adds, results in fine lines, wrinkles, and dull skin.

“Oxygen stimulates collagen production and destroys acne causing bacteria. It improves the functioning of blood vessels and acts as a defense against fine lines and dull skin,” explains the NYC celebrity doctor.

To remedy the skin’s depleting supply of oxygen, she recommends the Oxy-Mist Oxygen Facial for a healthier and younger appearance.

Recovery for the Skin

Dr. Gerstman calls the Oxy-Mist Oxygen Facial as a skin recovery program that restores the skin’s glow, much quicker than other treatments.

The Oxy-Mist spray contains Amino Plex, an advanced product that comes with 100 active skin nutrients, such as trace minerals, amino acids, micellized Vitamin E, and electrolytes. After each skin exfoliating procedure, spa professionals will use a machine that sprays oxygen into the skin’s pores.

The entire treatment is painless, uses no harmful chemicals, and improves skin healing for a quicker recovery.

About Dr. Leslie Gerstman

Dr. Leslie Gerstman has transformed the lives of thousands of women, since 2004, by reversing the aging process with aesthetic services. With an artistic vision and compassionate heart, Dr. Gerstman opened her own medical spa in New York City, gaining her a stable international following. Her circle of patients includes celebrities, models, and socialites.

The NYC board-certified physician uses only innovative and safe treatments. Together with her team, Dr. Gerstman enhances the natural beauty of every patient.

Visit http://www.drgerstman.com/ for further information.

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