PCP Canada Celebrates 10th Anniversary and Name Change

La Baie, Quebec, January 30, 2017: PCP Aluminum is pleased to announce the company is celebrating its 10th anniversary, along with a name change to PCP Aluminum. By reinventing itself, the company will also feature a new logo to match its continuing dedication to the premium production of cast plate.

The newly named PCP Aluminum is more focused than ever on utilizing its access to premium aluminum sources to ensure clients receive the finest aluminum. Customers only receive the best-sourced product, which is free of the contamination that occurs from recycling.

While celebrating its 10- year anniversary, PCP Aluminum will also feature a new logo to showcase its new identity. To further meet the needs of customers, the company has installed two new saws that can handle a larger volume of work with more expediency and improved precision. The company boasts the fastest lead time in their industry and these new saws will further enhance their speed.

The company offers a number of services, such as surface milling, water jet machining, CNC machining, laser machining, dry painting and cut to length. Additionally, the company offers various technical support services like defect analysis, aluminum machining techniques, welding techniques, corrosion analysis and much more.

For more information about the business and their services, visit the website at PCP Aluminum or call 1-418-677-3939.

About PCP Aluminum: PCP Aluminum, originally PCP Canada, is a Quebec-based aluminum plate supplier and cast plate producer. The company strives to be on the cutting-edge by offering a number of high-quality, superior services like water jet machining, CNC machining, surface milling and more. Utilizing highly trained and experienced technicians, the company offers world-class customer service, specialized capabilities, expedient turnaround times, a 100 percent zero defect guarantee and more to meet clients’ varied needs.

Press Release Contact :
Company: PCP Aluminum
Address: 905 Rue de l’Innovation
City: La Baie
Province: Quebec
Country: Canada
Zip code: G7B 3N8
Telephone number: 1-418-677-3939

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