Perform Repeatable Testing with CAST Navigation’s CAST-SIMCOM GNSS Satellite Simulator

CAST Navigation’s CAST-SIMCOM GNSS Satellite Simulator is a reliable tool for dynamic and repeatable GPS testing. It can generate signals with up to 12 satellites in view.

[Tewksbury, 07/17/2017] – CAST Navigation, a company that performs GPS/GNSS simulation, maintenance and training makes it possible to conduct multiple testing in the laboratory for various GPS applications with their CAST-SIMCOM GNSS Satellite Simulator. It is portable and run by real-time software, making it the ideal simulator for military applications.

Repeatable Testing

CAST Navigation brings performance evaluations of satellite navigation systems to a whole new level. While most hardware simulators can only match signals from one system, their CAST-SIMCOM GNSS Satellite Simulator can produce signals with up to 12 satellites in view. The Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite constellation simulator gives users the freedom to conduct “real world” and repeatable testing in the laboratory for various GPS applications.

A Portable GPS Simulator

The portable GPS simulator runs on real-time software. The system is also fully programmable, giving users control of the simulator from their Windows PC via Ethernet. Additionally, a single PC can also control several SIMCOM units at the same time, while each simulator can produce signals for up to 64 receivers.

The simulator produces signals similar to the ones GNSS satellites transmit and is capable of emulating visible receiver signals at any time, place, and trajectory. It is, therefore, the ideal tool for satellite navigation function testing and military applications.

Custom-Test Scenarios

The SIMCOM Simulator gives users the option to choose among three custom-test scenarios. They can choose between different vehicles and simulate dynamic motion for different land, sea, air and space conditions. Testers can produce a trajectory using six degrees of dynamic profile data from a real-life scenario. They may also opt to define a total mission profile.

About CAST Navigation

With 35 years of experience in the industry, CAST Navigation has earned its reputation as a trusted provider of simulation systems for Global Navigation Satellites and Inertial Navigation Systems. They use only accurate aviation testing tools as well as EGI integration and diagnostics equipment to design their navigation simulators. Their world-class portfolio of GNSS/INS systems makes them the number one choice for major military and commercial clients.

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