United States Adjusters will Assist Clients with Property Damage Claims Due to Sinkholes

The NAPIA-recognized public insurance adjusting firm handles residential and commercial property damage claims involving sinkholes.

[Coral Springs, 07/18/2017] – Sinkholes occur in nearly all 50 states and while some happen naturally, others are the result of human activity. It is most common in Florida, Pennsylvania, Alabama, and Texas.

Nationwide public insurance adjusting firm, United States Adjusters, offers it assistance to individuals who are filing for property damage claims due to sinkholes.
The company says, “We know insurance, more importantly we know property insurance claims and how to maximize them.”

The Cost of Sinkhole Damage

A CNBC report back reveals that geological experts believe that there is an increase in sinkhole activity because developers are pumping more water from the ground for new developments and agriculture.

The U.S. Geological Survey adds that the average cost of sinkhole damage over the last 15 years comes to at least $300 million annually.

Assisting Victims of Property Damage

The national public adjuster and disaster consultants from United States Adjusters assist property owners in getting what they need from insurance companies. From mudslides to sinkholes, it works to provide a better understanding of how the process works when disaster strikes.

The company offers its help 24/7, making sure it represents each client’s interests by maximizing their claim settlements.

Sinkhole damage is only part of the other claims the company focuses on. It also works on toxic mold damage, plumbing damage, mudslide damage, and loss by collapse.
The United States Adjusters remarks, “You wouldn’t go to court without an attorney, and you shouldn’t file an insurance claim without an insurance claim adjuster.”

About United States Adjusters

The company is a nationally- and internationally-recognized public adjusting firm and it attributes its success to customer service. It is an independently owned and operated company, serving residential, commercial, and condominium owners. It employs public adjusters, loss consultants, and insurance appraisers located throughout the country. It assures that it will get the best insurance claim settlement and homecoming possible.

The United States Adjusters helps clients with natural disasters, water damage, fire damage, and wind damage.

Visit http://www.unitedstatesadjusters.com today for further details.

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