Best Software Tools to Increase Revenue of VAR Business

Although VAR business is considered to be one of the least profitable businesses, using the right software tools can positively affect profit margins. So low margin business models can also be successful, provided they have a strong hold on their overhead cost and moreover automate processes so as to improve efficiency and productivity.

Following are the software tools that can help VARS to boost their business revenue:

Online Quoting Software

It is a known fact that Sales quoting software accelerates the quoting process and shortens the sales cycle. You can prepare quotes in a matter of minutes and also give priority to other activities that matter most.

However, if you want to manage your quoting activity irrespective of location or time, choose online or a Web-based quotation software. Cloud-based tools allow you to login online on your laptop, tablet or smartphone and create & send quotes from anywhere and at any time. Customers too can confirm the quotes online by logging from any device. Thus taking your quoting activity online has numerous advantages, which can have a positive impact on productivity and sales.

Product Configurator

Quoting requirements are often complex and demand creating a product configuration as per customer needs. When you want to custom-build a complex product as per user specifications, you can always rely on the product configurator. When you have this software tool, you really don’t have to be a product specialist in order to create a complex product. This is because the configurator only displays the permissible options from which you can create a product. This will considerably reduce the cost and effort required for creating a complex product.

Ecommerce Store

Considering ecommerce’s healthy growth with each passing year, it is essential to have an online store for your business. Choosing the right Ecommerce platform for small business or your large enterprise can benefit you immensely. With no time or geographical constraints for your online business, you are able to attract new customers and grow your business. Also with an online store, you are able to keep a track of your customer’s buying habits. This will help you to identify what your customers exactly want and accordingly design promotional campaigns to increase revenue of your online store.

All in all, you need to use an integrated VAR business management software that combines all the necessary features to grow your business and maximize your success.

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