A Detailed Information on How to Divide Assets in a Divorce

When you are facing a divorce and need help on how to divide your assets, then you can get a legal advice from the divorce lawyer, he will help you in dividing your assets in the court by submitting your property dispute which will help the state law to divide your property. The court will award each spouse a percentage of the total value of the property, and then each spouse will get their property items according to their percentage of their property’s worth. The Court will divide the property under one of the categories and thus they are equitable distribution or community property.

Equitable Distribution

The Assets and the earnings during the period of marriage are divided equitably. In common practice, often the two third of the property will go to the higher wage earner and the one third of the property will go to the other spouse. In Equitable distribution principles and the rules are followed everywhere except the community property.

Community Property

All property of the married person is classified as either the community property or owned equally by both spouse or the separate property of one spouse. At divorce community property is divided equally between spouses. In Separation of assets by property type, all property of a married individual is either classified as community property or the separate property of one of the individuals in the marriage.


  • Community property includes all earnings that were earned after the marriage as well as all debts, unless a creditor were specifically looking to separate the property of one spouse for individual payment classified as community property debts.
  • Separate property includes personal injury funds received by one spouse, gifts given directly to that spouse, and the proceeds of a vested pension that occurred prior to the marriage.

In the Division of their assets in divorce, it is most common for individuals to determine their debts and property separation on their own or by working directly with a neutral third party such as a mediator. Moreover, in this event if the couple cannot come to an agreement, then the lawyer will help them by filing their case in the court for the division of their property based on legal rules. For more details about how are assets divided in divorce, visit https://divorces.help/assets-divided-divorce/

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