How QuickBooks Online is Different from its Desktop Version

Believe it or not but QuickBooks, the cloud-based version of accounting software has more than 4 million users all over the world. Its desktop version has far less number of users as compared to its online version. Users are of the firm opinion that it becomes much easier to handle finances with QuickBooks Online.

Here’s what makes QuickBooks Online stand out from its desktop version:

Working Flexibility

With the desktop version, you remain tied to the office to keep a track of your finances. This is one of the biggest drawbacks of QuickBooks desktop accounting software. In simple terms, the mobility for users is severely restricted when you use this desktop version.

The increasing popularity of online version is mainly due to its ‘Work from anywhere’ feature. So whether you are on the road, home or elsewhere, you can easily stay connected with your finances 24×7 online. You can access your accounts from multiple platforms on the go. So even if your accountant is somewhere at a remote place, you can easily give him access to your finances via the Internet.

Installation and Upgradation

You need to install the desktop version onto your pc. In case of online QuickBooks accounting software, the installation process is completely eliminated. All you need is an Internet connectivity in order to use the online version. As far as upgradation of QuickBooks Online is concerned, you receive automatic updates via the Web from the service provider. Unlike the desktop version, you really don’t have to reinstall to access the updated version.


At any given time, only one user has access to desktop version of QuickBooks. This is a major issue for large enterprises where multiple users often handle the accounts department.

As far as QuickBooks Online is concerned, the number of users that can access it will depend on which version you are using. For instance, if you have subscription of QuickBooks Online Plus then 5 users in addition to 2 accountant users can access it simultaneously. In case you have QuickBooks Online Essentials subscription, then 3 users in addition to 2 accountant users can access it simultaneously.

Considering the aforementioned benefits, many businesses are migrating from QuickBooks desktop to its online version. Moreover QuickBooks online integration allows you to connect to more than 300 cloud-based apps, which can work wonders to improve efficiency and productivity.

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