Bitconnect connects global bitcoin users!

What’s BitConnect?


BitConnect connects global bitcoin users. It’s a revolution of digital money.

Built on open source platforms, bitcoin and cryptocurrency ecosystem trust and reputation.

BitConnect from last year ICO to today, from the initial $0.15 each rose to $53 each, value-added 300 times. And through a short period of time, in the global digital currency ranked twentieth. At present, the market value of circulation has increased to 1 billion. This is the result of a mature team.


Well, the BitConnect operating team launched a new BCC automatic high-frequency trading arbitrage financing in the first half of 17 years, through the software robot for automatic trading. In addition to increasing the volume of BCC/BITconnect transactions, investors are able to get additional returns.


The return is a floating income with an average daily income of around 1%. You can withdraw cash on the day, 30 cents to the account.


Foreign exchange has custody of foreign exchange, EA transactions, to avoid the impact of personal psychological factors. So digital currency fiery today, digital currency based artificial intelligence, automated trading robot also came into being. It can be called digital money transaction escrow.


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Company Name: bitconnect

Name : Leo


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