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WinterGreen Research announces that it has published a new study Business Document Work Process Management (BPO): Market Shares, Strategy, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2014 to 2020. The 2014 study has 416 pages, 187 tables and figures. Worldwide markets are poised to achieve significant growth as the cloud computing utility infrastructure and the smart phone communications systems for apps are put in place, continuing to drive the use of electronic document replacement of all paper documents.

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Xerox dominates business document work process management (BPO).Work document processing represents digitization of paper documents. The techniques for document management, content management of unstructured data can be applied to the paper documents once they are digitized. Analytics can then be applied to the information contained in the documents. From time to time the documents can be input into a database and handled as structured data in tables.Outsourcing services provide solutions for business document work process management (BPO). As more electronic forms are created, documents are becoming increasingly electronic. They still need to be used in a variety of ways. Medical records provide some significant challenges to protect patient identity.

Scanners have been used to convert paper documents to electronic formats. Production level scanners are rated at 8,000 pages per day. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is the term applied to re-purposing functions. Hardware that is necessary to make document work process automation possible has become commoditized. Software and services are used to implement a solutions based competitive environment.Document work process market driving forces relate to the shift to IT integrated systems management of electronic information. Paper and electronic document processing is set to move to web site and electronic document management.

As paper documents become less used and converted to electronic forms from the outset, document work process markets are set to grow. Hardware scanners of paper documents have become commodity units as at the same time paper is being replaced by electronic forms. Software is dominating the document work process industry. As tablets and smart phones proliferate, electronic forms available as apps are not far behind. With the advent of apps and sophisticated software, document work process shifts to an all-electronic business.Not that the paper has gone away, but it is not the problem that it was ten years ago. Electronic forms are easier, more accurate and 100% available as every person who is not an infant gets a smart phone in the next five years.This makes the document solutions more a question of moving data from devices to the back end and managing unstructured content to achieve extraction of potentially structured data from the document than of handling paper.

Paper document imaging is one driving force in the market. Managed print services and electronic process management are aspects of electronic document processing. Forms recognition, data extraction, and data release into upstream systems represent the future of the document work process industry.Scanning is referred to as digital imaging, is a process whereby a paper document is turned into an electronic image or electronic characters. Digital imaging performs optical character recognition (OCR) processes upon digital images following scanning. … Document arrangement: Prior to scanning, determine the units of store the copies in separate locations-even during the production phase of a scanning.

Key Topics
Document Process Products
Document Process Analytics
Document Process WEB Services
Electronic Document Workflow
Paper Document Workflow
Document Cloud Architecture
Forms Mobile Architecture
Document Outsourcing
Document Sorting and Indexing
Records Modernization Using Work Process
Work Process Roadmap
Document Recognition
Document Based Cloud Computing

Companies Profiled
Market Leaders
Eastman Kodak
Synnex / Concentrix / IBM
Hewlett Packard
Konica Minolta
Scan Optics
Market Participants
Coghlin Companies / ColumbiaTech
Connecticut Business Systems
Patriarch Partners
Sound Telecom
Scan Store Invoice Data Capture
Sound Telecom

Work Document Processing Executive Summary 33
Document Work Process Market Driving Forces 33
Document Work Process Market Driving Forces 33
Electronic Document Workflow 35
Paper Document Workflow 35
Document Workflow Process Market Driving Forces 36
Document Work Process Market Shares 38
Electronic Forms App Document Management Market 40

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  1. Document Work Processing Market Description and Market Dynamics 41
    1.1 Document Work Processing 41
    1.1.1 Key Benefits Of Work Document Processing: 42
    1.2 Work Document Processing Market Shares 45
    1.2.1 Globalization And Rapid Technological Innovation 47
    1.3 Role of BPO 50
    1.4 Increased Competition And Regulation 51
    1.5 Outsourcing Industry Maturing 52
    1.5.1 Team Building as Outsourcing Industry Matures 54
    1.5.2 BPO Vendor Governance: Mitigating Risks, Improving Outcomes 54
  2. Document Work Processing Market Shares and Market Forecasts 71
    2.1 Document Work Process Market Driving Forces 71
    2.1.1 Document Work Process Market Driving Forces 71
    2.1.2 Electronic Document Workflow 73
    2.1.3 Paper Document Workflow 73
    2.1.4 Document Workflow Process Market Driving Forces 74
    2.2 Document Work Process Market Shares 76
    2.2.1 Xerox Information Technology Outsourcing 79
    2.2.2 Xerox Document Outsourcing 79
    2.2.3 Xerox Entry 79
    2.2.4 Hewlett Packard 80
    2.2.5 Banktec 80
    2.2.6 Document Workflow Process In House Solution Market Segments, Dollars, 2013 82
    2.2.7 Document Workflow Process Business Process Outsourcing BPO Solutions 84
    2.3 Document Work Process Market Forecasts 86
    2.3.1 Inhouse Paper Document Management 88
    2.3.2 Document Process Outsourcing Market Forecasts 89
    2.3.3 Electronic Forms App Document Management Market 91
    2.3.4 Document Sorting and Indexing Software Market Participants 93
    2.4 Document Work Process Market Prices 94
    2.5 Document Work Process Regional Market Analysis 94
  3. Work Document Processing Product Description 97
    3.1 Xerox Document Work Process Automation 97
    3.1.1 Xerox Document Outsourcing 102
    3.1.2 Xerox Managed Print Services (MPS): 102
    3.1.3 Xerox Centralized Print Services (CPS): 105
    3.1.4 Xerox Document Technology Segment 108
    3.1.5 Xerox Entry 109
    3.1.6 Xerox Mid-Range 111
    3.1.7 Xerox FreeFlow Core to Automate Workflows at the High-End 112
    3.1.8 Xerox Industry-Leading Product Lineup 113
    3.2 Eastman Kodak Records Modernization Using Work Process Roadmap for Technology 114
    3.2.1 Eastman Kodak Government Records Modernization 115
    3.3 Banctec 122
    3.3.1 Banctec Customers 123
    3.3.2 Banctec Client Relationships Provide Domain And Process Expertise123
    3.3.3 Banctec Document Workflow Process Markets Have Strong Barriers to Entry. 124
    3.3.4 Banktec Lowered Operational Costs For Clients By Providing A Full Inbound Mail Solution 124
    3.4 Synnex / Concentrix 127
    3.4.1 Concentrix Aligning A Customer 128
    3.4.2 Concentrix Customer Engagement 128
    3.4.3 Concentrix Engages Customer Support 129
    3.4.4 Concentrix Engages During Renewal 131
    3.4.5 Concentrix Innovative Solutions 134
    3.5 IBM Document Processing 138
    3.5.1 IBM Global Process Services 138
    3.5.2 IBM Predictive Analytics To Understand What Could Happen 138
    3.5.3 IBM Document Workflow Process State 141
    3.5.4 IBM Document Routing Analytics Functions 141
    3.5.5 IBM DB2 Content Manager Maps for Document Routing 143
    3.5.6 IBM DB2 Content Manager Work List 144
    3.5.7 IBM Document Routing Process 144
    3.5.8 IBM Business Process Manager Advanced for z/OS 147
    3.6 Fujitsu 149
    3.6.1 Fujitsu Interstage 149
    3.6.2 Fujitsu Automated Process Discovery 150
    3.6.3 Fujitsu Interstage Application Server 150
    3.7 Hewlett Packard 150
    3.7.1 Hewlett Packard Workflow Process Improvement Initiatives 153
    3.7.2 HP BTO Application Solutions 160
    3.7.3 HP Document Management And Workflow Solutions 162
    3.8 Parascript 164
    3.8.1 Parascript Advanced Document Recognition 164
    3.8.2 Parascript Advanced Recognition Software 166
    3.8.3 Parascript Toolkits / SDKs 166
    3.8.4 Parascript FormXtra 166
    3.8.5 Parascript FormXtra® Capture is All Data Types, Any Document Format 167
    3.8.6 Parascript FormXtra® Capture from Anywhere 167
    3.8.7 Parascript FormXtra® Streamlined Functionality 169
    3.8.8 Parascript AddressParcel 170
    3.8.9 Parascript AddressScript 170
    3.8.10 Parascript CheckPlus 170
    3.8.11 CheckPlus International 171
    3.8.12 CheckStock 171
    3.8.13 CheckUltra 171
    3.8.14 CheckUsability 172
    3.8.15 InMailRouter 172
    3.8.16 SignatureOnline 172
    3.8.17 SignatureXpert 173
    3.8.18 Parascript StampVerify 173
    3.8.19 Parascript FormXtra Capture 173
    3.8.20 Parascript Identify Areas Suspicious For Breast Cancer 175 Business Document Work Process Management (BPO): Table of Contents and List of
    3.9 ScanStore 175
    3.9.1 ScanStore Data Capture Consulting Services 176
    3.10 Scan-Optics 180
    3.10.1 Scan-Optics Document Process Outsourcing DPO 184
    3.10.2 Scan-Optics LLC Nationally Certified Woman Owned Business Enterprise 185
    3.10.3 Scan-Optics InSource DPO 185
    3.10.4 Scan-Optics CloudSource DPO 186
    3.10.5 Scan Optics High Speed Document Scanners 187
    3.10.6 Scan-Optics’ Document Process Outsourcing 188
    3.10.7 Scan-Optics Reference Accounts 190
    3.10.8 Scan-Optics State Governments Rely On Scan-Optics Every Day 191
    3.10.9 Scan-Optics UK G-Cloud Services Iv– Framework Agreement 191
    3.10.10 Scan-Optics DPO Services 192
    3.10.11 Scan-Optics CloudSource DPO 193
    3.10.12 Scan-Optics Paper To Paper Less Company™Corporate Headquarters Resources. 194
    3.10.13 Scan-Optics’ TAXexpress(TM), 196
    3.10.14 Scan-Optics’ ORDERexpress(TM) i 196
    3.10.15 Scan-Optics’ PROOFexpress(TM) 197
    3.10.16 Scan-Optics’ ImageEMC++ 197
    3.10.17 Scan-Optics Network Services 198
    3.10.18 Scan-Optics Software Solutions. 198
    3.11 Datamark 199
    3.12 Ricoh Workflow Consulting Services for Business 200
    3.13 BMC Improves Productivity For Release Process Documentation 204
    3.14 Tibco Document Workflow Automation 204
    3.14.1 Tibco Nimbus Bridging the Gap Between the Business and IT 205
    3.15 OpenText Process Suite Products and Applications 205
    3.16 Appian BPM Software 206
    3.16.1 Appian Cloud BPM 207
    3.17 Adobe LiveCycle ES4 208
    3.17.1 Adobe® LiveCycle Capture and Process Information 208
    3.17.2 Adobe LiveCycle Rights Management ES4 209
    3.17.3 Adobe LiveCycle Digital Signatures ES4 210
    3.18 Mega 211
    3.19 Intalio Open Source BPMS 212
    3.19.1 Intalio Open Source BPMS 213
    3.20 Red Hat Business Process Management 216
    3.20.1 K2 BPM Content Management 217
    3.21 Newgen OmniFlow Server 219
    3.22 Microsoft Middleware 220
    3.23 Sound Telecom 223
    3.24 Connecticut Business Systems Government 223
  4. Work Document Process Technology 225
    4.1 Workflow Consulting Services for Business 225
    4.1.1 Work Process Documentation Guidelines 226
    4.2 Work Process – Levels of Detail 226
    4.2.1 Defining And Communicating Which Level Of Work Process Detail Will Be Documented 228

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