Hanson Fitness Provides Training Sessions for Adults of All Ages

New York, New York, July 18, 2017:  Hanson Fitness is pleased to announce the company offers superior training sessions for adults of all ages, including senior citizens. All sessions are customized to take into account a client’s health, fitness level, needs and physical goals.

Fitness is a lifetime journey that should be undertaken at any age, which is why the qualified personal trainers at Hanson Fitness encourage adults as mature as 90 years old to participate in one-on-one sessions. These personal sessions allow the clients to reach their full potential in a supportive and caring environment. Improved conditioning can benefit clients’ health and fitness, help maintain a healthy weight, increase muscle, enhance flexibility and much more.

Trainers offer 30- and 60-minute adult sessions that can be purchased as single sessions, starting at $85 for 30 minutes or can be purchased in packages of 10, 20, 25 and 40 at discounted rates. Seniors can purchase single or packaged sessions of 10 and 20 for 60 minutes.

The goals of individuals are at the cornerstone of sessions. For example, a 30-year-old may want to train for a marathon, while an 80-year-old may want to increase and maintain flexibility. Regardless of the type of session, clients will be engaged, encouraged and challenged for optimal results. Hanson Fitness is a favorite among clients and has been voted “best personal training studio” by MSNBC.

For more information about the company and their services, visit the website at Hanson Fitness or call 1-212-431-7682.

About Hanson Fitness: Hanson Fitness has two convenient locations in New York, which offer one-on-one training sessions in personal studios to a vast array of clients, from children to senior citizens. The goal of any session is to help clients achieve their goals and get the results they deserve. Passionate and highly-experienced trainers work closely with clients to customize sessions designed to meet their needs. Sessions are designed to be challenging, yet engaging, in a highly supportive and friendly environment to allow clients to reach their full potential.

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Company: Hanson Fitness
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Telephone number: 1-212-431-7682
Company: Hanson Fitness
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