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orking within common sizing is generally super natural witch costume easier from a design and production standpoint, but lingerie that caters to larger or smaller sizes is underrepresentolleen Hill, the curator of costume and accessories at Museum at FIT, told seems to be great opportunity to provide women with better and more diverse options in that area.

On both sides of the spectrum, large and small, we fail to fit women in bras properly, in the band and in the cup. And part of that is because the more specialized a bra becomes, the more expensive it think people are under the impression that bras, because they have less fabric, must be cheaper to prodrington says. gerie has to use higher quality materials, and those materials have to be expertly prod

Harrington contrasted the creation of a bra to the creation womens lingerie online of a coat. No matter what size woman a coat is made for, a coat is still a coat. It doesn need to do anything other than button in the front and keep a person warm. But a bra has a different duty entire has to lift breasts up and support them against gravity and activity. It has to be engineered, and that engineering is highly dependent on the size of the breasts the bra is intended to support. aking a bra that supports a 34B, that 36G breast is going to be a lot bigger and probably a lot denHarrington says.  materials you use, the design you use, has to be differenOn top of all that, cheap lingerie online lingerie is still made by handecause the garments are complicated to make, they cane made by machin Harrington sahe bra is off by a few centimeters,  off, nobody can wear it. We dohave machines that can do that kind of detail that are means the underwear you buy at Target is made by hand, and the robe you buy from Agent Provocateur is also made by hand.A company like Victorias Secret, which sells a lot of other things besides bras, might be able to afford to slash the price of their bras beneath wholesale, but most companies simply cant afford to do so, given the cost required to make a bra in the first place. (We reached out to Victorecret for comment on this story, but did not hear back.)For a lot of women, major lingerie chains are one of the few local options available. (Think about it: how many lingerie stores exist in your hometown mall? One? Maybe two? Now compare that to the amount of clothing stores.) The retailer covers almost two-thirds of the lingerie market in the United States, which means for many,

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