Budget Home Supply Celebrating 33 Years in Longmont!

Longmont, Colorado (bizpr) July 20, 2017 – When a business has staying power, you know they are doing something right. Budget Home Supply, an 80,000 square foot home supply store, is celebrating its 33rd anniversary this year in Longmont. They supply Northern Colorado residents with the best quality building materials at a fantastic price. Well known for their amazing customer service, it isn’t difficult to see why the professional building community in Northern Colorado raves about Budget Home Supply.

In 1984, Budget Home Center Owners Butch and Bev Vernon, opened a small store on Longmont’s Main Street. At just 10,000-square feet, the space couldn’t hold all the inventory needed to supply Longmont with their building needs. The Vernon’s moved the store to 9th Avenue, to a 30,000-square foot space in 1992. As the company continued to grow, so did their need for space. In 1999, they opened the now-current store at 780 Boston Avenue and service the 90,000 residents of Longmont and beyond. They celebrated their 30th anniversary in 2014 and changed their name to Budget Home Supply. Three years later, they are still going strong.

In an era where so many stores go out of business, celebrating 33 years is no small feat. When a store continues to grow like Budget Home Supply has, it means they are able to meet their consumer’s needs. Not only do they have to stock high-quality products, but they have to have professional and knowledgeable people working for them.

Recent studies have found that millennial and Gen Z consumers want different things than the generations before them and businesses need to continue to strive to meet the demands of their newest customers. Budget Home Supply has been able to do go with the flow and continues to meet the needs of all of their customers. The Millennial and Gen Z cohort wants locally-sourced, ethically-made and environmentally-friendly products and Budget Home Supply is happy to deliver it. Gen X and the Baby Boomer generation might be slightly different in their needs (brand loyalty, great service), and as can be seen from their long history, Budget Home Supply offers this as well.

Budget Home Supply has numerous divisions that suit both professional builders and the at-home DIY enthusiast. Whether your needs are plumbing, electrical, cabinetry, millwork or outdoor living related, they’ve got you covered. If you want more information on how they can make your building project easier and more affordable, contact Sean or Vernetta Angelo. Both can be reached by email below, or at (303) 678-8800.

Sean Angelo
General Manager

Vernetta Angelo
Website Sales and Marketing



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