Her Magazine Offers Subscribers a Free Invitation to Its VIP Membership Group

Her Magazine, an online magazine based in the US, publishes articles with an array of topics that focus on the empowered, quintessential woman of today. It also offers its subscribers a free invitation to its VIP membership group.

[United States, 7/22/2017] – Her Magazine is an online magazine based in the US, and it publishes articles with an array of topics that focus on the empowered, quintessential, modern woman. It also offers its subscribers a free invitation to its VIP membership called The Circle.

Her Magazine: Representing the Quintessential Woman

Her Magazine is an online resource for essential, engaging, and enlightening articles and thought pieces written by and for the modern woman. Many of the pieces feature fierce female entrepreneurs who share some secrets of their success. The writers dig deep to connect with and showcase these women’s journey to creating a legacy of their own. With articles on entrepreneurship, personal development, leadership, and more, the magazine aims to help women who want to make a name in their respective industries.

More than just an online publication, Her Magazine is a celebration of the modern woman who knows how to balance power and strength with her femininity. It represents the quintessential woman who strives to make her mark in the world, without any fear.

The Circle

Other than publishing articles online, Her Magazine provides daily and weekly newsletters to its subscribers. Plus, it has a VIP membership group called The Circle, in which the magazine founder, writers, and other successful women teach aspiring entrepreneurs a range of essential business strategies. These include content marketing and other techniques that help establish credibility and strong relationship with a target audience.

The Circle members also have the privilege of validating their business ideas through a market testing done with the assistance of the magazine. But more importantly, the VIP group serves as a small community in which female entrepreneurs can connect with and receive support from one another.

The invitation to join The Circle is only available for Her Magazine subscribers. Thus, the magazine encourages all women to sign up for their daily or weekly newsletter.

About Her Magazine

Her Magazine recognizes the remarkable achievements of today’s women, who are building the path for others to make their mark. It publishes articles that celebrate the bold contributions of women in the business society and other industries. Through its pieces, the magazine represents the empowered, quintessential woman, who, in her elegance carries this pursuit without fear.

To know more about Her Magazine or to subscribe to its newsletters, visit http://hermag.co

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