San Francisco, CA. After storming the markets with the launching of its own brand, “Maribelle Productions” adds to its range of products a new and ambitious one – the one they call LIFE CHANGER for seniors, arthritis sufferers and people with weak hands – Jar, bottle and Can Opener Set. Designed and featured to combat effortlessly one of the most awkward tasks in cooking, the Maribelle openers are trying to prove that one can twist off any stubborn lid and feel safe and relaxed at the same time. If so, many people will soon have a soothing breath of relief.
    Of course, “Maribelle Productions” is far from launching the first efficient openers in the world – they are simply trying to boost, in their opinion, the best ones so far. Or, to quote their catalog, their new product claims highly desired features for this type of kitchen tools that have not been achieved so far – “smooth functioning”, “safe with no edges, no mess left”, “easiest to operate, saves you time and sweat”. Tough claims to prove.
    For now, Jonathan Perkins, production manager at “Maribelle Productions” seems to bask in the lights of the first clients’ reviews:
    “From the moment that we tested the prototypes we’ve known that there is a new sheriff in town for the realm of openers, so to speak. Now this sheriff has had its welcome and is far from wearing it down from what we hear from users. Some people say they’re wondering how they’ve lived without this set before. Others praise their versatility on all sizes of container lids and point out that they use the openers every single day.”
    So far, so good. Customer support manager Dean Craft spices it up a bit:
    “As always, we are trying to sweeten up our customers’ lives as much us we can – in this particular campaign, we offer the product with a surprise bonus in the packaging.”
    One thing remains sure – the promotional product campaign is gaining onrush momentum on on the coat tails of Amazon Prime Day. After that, the “new sheriff” will have the real test for its power.


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