The Only Multiple Award-winning Chemistry Tuition Center in Singapore for A’ Level and O’ Level students

22nd July | Singapore: Making Sense is the only multiple award-winning Chemistry tuition center in Singapore for A’ level and O’ level students.

Chemistry is one of the most hated or revered subjects in the school curriculum. It is full of complex formulas, equations, and jargon that need to be understood well to grasp the subject. Teaching Chemistry is a complex task that requires a lot of patience in addition to knowledge. Since school teachers are barely able to finish their syllabus, let alone know the student’s aptitude towards the subject, many students need to join tuition centers to catch up.

Tuition centers in Singapore help in filling the void that school leaves behind. They have specifically designed curriculum and sophisticated methodologies to impart quality education to their students. These tuition centers ensure that students are well-versed with the concepts of Chemistry and can understand the basics thoroughly.

The best chemistry tuition centers will devise innovative ways of teaching to instruct complex terms that will help the students better understand the subject and lay a strong foundation for the students. This can help the students go on to pursue higher education in Chemistry if they start to enjoy learning it.

The overall philosophy of the tuition center is also important in this respect. The tuition center should not only be subject-oriented but also be committed towards the students and their needs. Since each student is different from his/her counterparts, they cannot follow a one size fits all approach. Here, the challenge for the tuition center is to bridge the gap and help bring the students, despite their different learning capabilities, on a common platform.

Making Sense Learning Centre has a unique approach to teach Chemistry to the students. With a collective teaching and tutoring experience of over 20 years, they have familiarity with both the O’ level and A’ level syllabus as well. They can simplify even the most abstract concepts and help students meet the demands of the syllabus easily.

About Making Sense

Making Sense is a leading Chemistry tuition center in Singapore. They have developed their own teaching methods that rely on anecdotes, stories, and class interaction. The tuition center also believes that every student is special and, therefore, encourages personal consultations for a better understanding of the subject. The tuition center has won several awards and their teaching staff William Lin (Founder) and Jeffrey Ang work together to bring out the best in their students.


116, Middle Road, ICB Enterprise House #09-02 S, CA

188972, Singapore

Phone: 6802 2603



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