Exhaust Hoods -The Answer to Smokeless, Greaseless Kitchens

Smells are said to be strong enough to trigger childhood memories—the evocative smells of aloo ka paranthas and fried chicken are wonderful to come home to—but on the flip side there is nothing worse than the lingering smell of stale odour. We no more have to make do with that noisy exhaust fan which after a while looks like a grease trap. The market offers a variety of exhaust/extractor hoods for effective elimination of greasy fumes and stale odours.

There are mainly two types of principles on which domestic Kitchen Chimneys work:

  1. Re-circulating systems: This function is especially useful for flat owners or other such users whose kitchen does not have direct access to an external wall. This involves a set of grease and charcoal filters, which draw the stale greasy air/steam up. The filters can either be washed or replaced after a period of time. Some filters are required to be placed in Built In Oven Pune for cleaning.
  2. Ducted systems: These help to take grease, steam and smells outside the house via ducting. The maximum ducting length should not be more than 5m but almost 1.25 m has to be deducted for every bend.

Most available models can be adapted to a combination of both extraction and re-circulation systems. The hood should ideally be located around 650-900mm above the hob/ stove top.

It’s important to ask for a demonstration while buying a chimney as it is very disturbing to work with loud machinery overhead – an optimum sound level to aim for would be about 55 -60 decibels.

Most people assume that the highest capacity available is automatically the best. This is not necessarily so as after a point the excess power is redundant. Look for a capacity suited to your needs. Work out the volume of the kitchen to be ventilated (length x width x height) and multiply by a factor of this is usually the number of air changes you require per hour. The resultant figure will give the minimum extraction rate required in CMH cubic meters / hour. For open plan kitchens which are not clearly divided from the dining area a factor of 15 may be required.



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