Breather Bags Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast 2016 – 2024

Rapid technological innovation in the packaging industry has culminated in packaging products that are specifically designed to cater to diverse industry needs. One such innovative packaging product solution is breather bags that address the challenge of transporting aquatic livestock among other industry requirements. The breather bags market is categorized by plastic material bags that are provided for packaging and transporting aquatic livestock, aquatic livestock fodder, and pharmaceutical products. Breather bags find immense utility in the pharmaceutical sector as the market is witnessing rapid growth and is anticipated to undergo a transformation in the forecast period.

Breather bags functions in a similar manner to a respiratory system by way of aligning inner packing atmosphere according to the air components needed by the material. Breather bags are created from specially designed films that provide the bag micro-porosity characteristics that permit the continuous flow of gases such as oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon-dioxide. Breather bags can exchange gas through their walls, and the carbon-dioxide exits four times faster than oxygen making it feasible for the transportation of aquatic livestock. The breather bags micro-porous properties allow them to work as a substitute for other packaging materials such as corrugated paperboard and thermoform.

Market Dynamics of Breather Bags Market

The key factor responsible for the growth of breather bags market is the bag’s material (ethylene) molecular realignment, where the molecules realign in a way that they either reseal or reduce the pore size. Pressure maintenance is another important for the growth of breather bags market as different pressures around the bag are equalized without any adverse effect on the bag’s inner environment. Second gen breather bags with better clarity, sealing properties, and additional resistance also contribute in no small part to breather bags market growth. The advancements that have been made in encasing embryonated chicken eggs (ECE) with different viruses are also responsible for the growth of breather bags market. Unfortunately, fouling of water on account of dead fish, fish waste, or transportation of aquatic animals such as snails, betas, and aquatic frog that need direct air stifles the growth of breather bags market. In addition, spillage while opening the bag leads to a kind of barricade for breather bags market. A notable trend of transporting marine life because of less water required while transporting is the primary reason that breather bags are considered as an affordable solution.

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Market Segmentation of Breather Bags Market:

Breather bag market is studied on the basis of material, applications, and product type. By product type, breather bags market can be classified into reusable breather bags and disposable breather bags. Based on material, breather bags market can be divided into latex, vegetable produce, polypropylene (PP), tyvek, vinyl, polyester, and high-density polyethylene (HDPE).

Based on applications, breather bags market can be sub-segmented into aquatic livestock, medical devices, and pharmaceuticals. The pharmaceutical industry can be further classified into surgical packs, medical devices, anesthesia machines, and cleaning units and hospital sterilization units needing sterilized supplies.

Regional Outlook of Breather Bags Market-:

Breather bags market is geographically segmented into Asia-Pacific, Latin America, North America, Middle East & Africa, and Europe. North America is the largest revenue contributor to the breather bags market and is expected to show substantial growth. The pharmaceutical industry is predicted to dominate the breather bags market largely due to increased demand in the Asia Pacific region over the forecast period. Manufacturers should also invest in Latin America due to favorable economic conditions and an improved standard of living.

Key Players in Breather Bags Market:

A few key players in breather bags market are Custom Service Laboratories of NJ Inc., Amcor Flexibles Inc., Precision Dippings Manufacturers Ltd., Nolato Torekov AB, Specialty Plastic Fabricators, Fisher Container Corp., Bemis Company Inc., KNF Corporation, Kordon LLC and BFM Global Ltd.

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