Barbecue Sauce Market Driven by Inclining more towards Healthy Lifestyle

Barbecue sauce (also abbreviated as BBQ sauce) is used as a flavoring sauce, a marinade, basting, condiment or topping for meat cooked in the barbecue cooking style, including pork or beef ribs and chicken. It is a ubiquitous condiment in the United States and is used on many other foods as well

Barbecue sauce are popular as they incline to tenderize the meat and provide them with spicy flavor. Apart from beings used widely in food industries as marinades, sweet barbecue sauce are also used as dips. Due to increasing demand for natural food products, organic barbecue sauces are gaining popularity and the global market is expected to increase at a positive growth rate.

Market Segmentation:

The barbecue sauce market cane be segmented based on the product origin type, product type, distribution channel and regions.

Based on the product type, barbecue sauce market can be segmented into organic and non-organic. The market of organic barbeque sauce is expected to increase as the demand for chemical free food products is widely increasing amongst people. Organic food products manufacturers are meeting the high demands of people by adopting the use of natural food ingredients in their food.

Further, based on the flavor type, barbecue sauce market can be segmented into five major segments which include Kansas-City, Texas, Carolina, Memphis and others. Out of these listed segments, Kansas-City style barbecue sauce is found to be dominating the global market. Kansas City style barbecue sauce is also widely used to dip fries at McDonald’s. It has a sweet and sour taste which makes it very popular majorly in North American regions.

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On the basis of distribution channel, barbecue sauce market can be segmented into supermarkets/hypermarkets, online retail, specialty stores, wholesale retailers etc. Supermarket/hypermarket are found to generate more market share in the sale of barbecue sauces. In addition, with the increasing consumption and popularity of smoked/barbecued food amongst the population, the market of barbecue sauce is expected to increase on a global level.

Market Regional Outlook:

The global barbecue sauce market can be divided by major regions which include North America, Latin America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia Pacific excluding Japan, Japan and Middle East and Africa. However, North America is seen to be dominating the global market for barbecue sauce followed by the Europe. Use of taste enhancers are increasing in the food industries, with this there is found to be an increasing demand for barbecue sauces and the market is expected to increase positively during the forecast period.

Market Drivers and Trends:

People are now inclining more towards healthy lifestyle and there seems to be a prominent increase in consumption of food that has more protein content and contains less fat. Deep frying the food destroys the potent protein content of the food and oil increases the level of cholesterol in the body, making it unsuitable as a healthy diet. Increasing trend of consumption of barbecued or smoked meat or vegetable has increased the market demand of barbecue sauces. The main ingredients of these sauces is tomato. Tomato is rich in anti-oxidant content. Anti-oxidants are known to have anti-cancer properties therefore the market demand of barbecue sauce is increasing.

Barbecue sauce products can be easily obtained in retail stores and supermarket/hypermarket and online stores. The busy lifestyle has made people rely on the readymade food products example, marinades and sauces, this is also one of the factors that increase the barbecue sauce market globally. Barbecue sauce enhances the flavor of the food without hampering the nutritional value of the food which is again an advantage of using barbecue sauce. Various barbecue sauces are now available in the low-fat form which is increasing their market demand widely and the market share of barbecue sauce is expected to increase at a higher rate.

Barbecue Sauce Market Key Players:

Some of the global key player in barbecue sauce market are H.J. Heinz Company Brands LLC., Specialty Food Association, Inc., Kraft Foods, Sweet Baby Ray’s Inc., KC Masterpiece, Heinz, Stubb’s Original, Killer Hogs, Renfro Foods etc. The unique blend of flavors has increased the market demand of the potential key players and also due to the increasing market of barbecue sauce, more players are expected to enter the market.

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