MetaComet Systems, Inc. Simplifies and Accelerates Royalty Payment

The BBB accredited business offers a solution that makes the process of paying royalties simpler and faster.The BBB accredited business offers a solution that makes the process of paying royalties simpler and faster.

[SOUTH HADLEY, 07/25/2017] – MetaComet Systems, Inc. recognizes the challenges e-publishers face. In its efforts to help the industry optimize its processes, the company offers RoyalTracker®, the cloud-based royalty management software for publishers.

Easy to Use, Incredibly Power

With the RoyalTracker®, publishers save on labor time and expense. The royalty management software automates processes through the following:

• Storage of contract details

• Sales data importation

• Report generation

• Royalty statements generation

MetaComet Systems, Inc. adds that the software also reduces the risk of errors and offers publishers deep insight into financials and payments. The platform even notifies publishers if a correction is necessary, flagging and displaying errors.

Royalty Management Made Easier

RoyalTracker® also integrates with existing systems, automatically loading or transmitting data. It works seamlessly with Oracle, Quickbooks, Great Plains, PeopleSoft, and JD Edwards. also enhances the accounting practices and compliance of the business, as well as author relations.

With the use of RoyaltyTracker®, businesses gain complete control of royalty management. The software has features that simplify makes the process faster and more efficient.

The software, designed for large publishing houses, can handle virtually any contract complexity, including unlimited authors, editors, contributors per title, full support for digital content, and unlimited royalty calculation rules.

With its simplified, accurate, and efficient platform, publishers have an opportunity to enhance relationships with authors and agents, while ensuring their profitability.

About MetaComet Systems, Inc.

MetaComet Systems, Inc. is the brainchild of renowned literary agent, Richard Curtis, and David Marlin, a technologist and publishing industry expert. It attributes its success to its commitment to customers, quality, as well as research and development to continuously optimize the process. Other products include Sales Aggregator, Rights Tracker, and It also provides professional services that deliver customized solutions. The company has helped more than 70 publishers.

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