The Rise & Relevance Of Media Studies In India


Media as a field of study has undergone a paradigm shift, where its influence on the society is seeing a magnifying effect. The perception and participation of the general public across various media avenues has seen a transformation, especially with the influx of technology and connectivity in the present day and age. Over time, the power of media in changing and challenging times has become evident with various expressions and voices. The field of media has constantly touched our lives in numerous ways; physically in the 90’s and virtually in the present decade. Owing to this, individuals across the globe can have access to information and data that is both enriching and exhilarating.

Media of the present day has been associated with visual, print and online media, to provide the required information and data in the most seamless fashion. Contrary to the previous generations, the use of radio as a form of media has seen a significant dip, where it could not cope up with the dynamism of the alternate forms of media. Amidst this dynamic industry, there is a dire requirement for professionals who have a knack and an eye to perceive and understand the changes and challenges of the industry. Meeting this demand of professionals in the field of media are the numerous mass communication colleges.

Individuals across the world, over the years have become accustomed to consuming data through television with an average individual spending more than 28 hours on television every week. Thanks to this reliance, one can clearly see the field of media always beeing relevant for communication and exchange of information. With online media becoming more important with every passing day, thanks to its ease of access and swift consumption, there is a growing dependence of individuals who have pursued their BA Mass Communication.

One of the finest mass communication college, SCMC, Pune is an institution that believes in amalgamating ideas together to give it a meaningful and powerful voice to stand out in the field of media. Ranked as one of the finest mass communication colleges in the country, the institution offers a holistic experience with rich academic learning and practical real-world experiences. Regarded for its notoriety among the media institutions in the country, SCMC, Pune is one of the most sought after choice since its inception in 2008.

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