The Introduction of Serviced Apartment

Serviced Apartment Singapore

Serviced apartment is a kind of apartment providing hotel management service. It can be serviced as house, hotel or club. It has two functions, “self use” and “investment”, but its essence is still apartment. Serviced apartment carries out service functions and management mode of star-rated hotels, as well as the office features. It has good communication conditions and can be targeted to provide secretarial, information, business services such as translation. It is integrated residential hotel club and other functions in one. The purchaser owns the unit property, which can be rented or resold. It is a comprehensive property that provides both hotel professional services and private apartments and private life style.

Following Are the Brief Introductions of the Serviced Apartment

Service Object

Serviced apartments in the target market mainly engaged in business activities in Singapore, foreigners living longer is given priority to, although there is no specific criteria, the definition of longer-term live in 4 days or more. The market’s main guests have long-term business people in Singapore, foreign enterprise operators and managers and is a long vacation home to Singapore tourism, etc.

House Type

The types of apartment, ranging from tens of square meters to hundreds of square meters, can meet the personalized needs of users. The decoration of apartment is uniformly decorated and it provides a full range of home design and electrical appliances. There are different styles for different house types. In addition to providing hotel services, it also has affiliated facilities such as banks, clubs, as well as small supermarket chains.


Serviced apartments itself also has personalized design, and it can not be in general form. Because the customers of serviced apartments usually are senior staff managers, or presidents from well-known multinational enterprises. It is directly managed by the star-rated hotels or property management company with hotel background, which can provide guests with high-grade various services in place management so as to eliminate the landlord doubts about the level of property management company.


Serviced apartments which can be used to living on holiday, and also can be used for investment, or both. Different buyers may hold the different ideas. Or else, The same buyer may change their ideas in different periods of time. Opinions differ.

The service apartment combines the hotel star-rated service and family friendly service, which are more perfect and more humane.

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