Blister Packaging Equipment Market is driven by diverse applications ranging from industrial application

In recent years, the packaging industry has witnessed significant growth in demand from end-use industries ranging from electronics & consumer to pharmaceuticals sectors. This billion dollar industry is expanding at a healthy CAGR, and is being fueled by increasing global population and demand for product safety. Blister packaging widely uses common packaging methods such as thermoforming process to create small cavities in plastic with a backing of aluminum foil, cardboard or plastic, commonly used to pack a large variety of household, electronics, and pharmaceuticals products.

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The raw materials used in blister packaging are polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polychlorotrifluoro ethylene (PCTFE), cyclic olefin copolymers, aluminum foil, and others. The advantage of using blister packaging is that it is affordable, durable, and tamper-proof in nature. These attributes ensured adoption of blister packaging across various industry segments. The equipment used in creating blister packaging works on two principles: ‘thermoforming’ and ‘coldforming’. Thermoforming is used to create blisters with uniform wall distribution; whereas coldforming uses aluminum foil to form blisters, which provides an almost total barrier from water and air.

Key driver for blister packaging equipment market is its diverse applications ranging from industrial application such as in pharmaceuticals and electronics products to household products. Growth in the end use industry is directly associated with the increased incremental opportunity for the blister packaging equipment market. The global healthcare industry is estimated over US$ trillion in terms of revenue, and this figure is expected to experience accelerated growth over the forecast period. Also, increasing rate of healthcare spending in emerging regions is expected to boost growth of the overall blister packaging equipment market. Furthermore, global electronics market is expected to witness healthy GAGR, which in turn is expected to boost demand for blister packaging equipment. Companies are increasingly focusing on attractiveness of packaging, especially for consumer products and consumer electronics, and this is further expected to drive market growth. However, growing environmental concerns related to the usage of plastics is expected to hamper overall market growth over the forecast period. Companies can optimize growth potential by focusing on leveraging bio-plastics as raw materials.

The blister packaging equipment market is segmented on the basis of mode of operation, product type, end user, and geography. Based on mode of operation, the blister packaging equipment market is sub-segmented into manual machine, semi-automatic machine, and automatic machine. Furthermore, on the basis of product, the market is sub-segmented into rotary type, flat type, and rotary plus flat type. On the basis of technology, the blister packaging equipment market is sub-segmented into coldforming and thermoforming. Based on end user, the market is sub-segmented into pharmaceutical industry, consumer product packaging industry, and electronics & semiconductors industry.

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By geography, the global blister equipment market is segmented into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific (APAC), the Middle East and Africa (MEA), and Latin America. North America is expected to remain the largest market in the global blister packaging industry due to the presence of large pharmaceutical companies and high healthcare expenditure in this region. Asia Pacific is expected to follow APAC, owing to the presence of many consumer products manufacturing companies in this region, especially in China. Significant increase in healthcare expenditure along with large patient pool in the region is expected to offer momentum to overall growth of blister packaging equipment market in APAC. Also, presence of electronic goods manufacturing units in China is expected to further boost market growth in this region. The market in Europe is also expected to witness robust growth due to high pharmaceutical expenditure, followed by North America and APAC. Markets in Latin America and MEA region are expected to exhibit sluggish growth; however, increase in healthcare per capita expenditure could drive the demand for blister packaging equipment market in these regions over the forecast period.

Some of the key market participants in the blister equipment market include KOCH Pac-Systeme GmbH, Aylward Enterprises Llc, Zed Industries, Inc., Starview Packaging Machinery, Inc. Clearwater Packaging, Inc., and Ecobliss Blisterpackaging B.V.

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