Blue Fat Freeze System Lets Clients Shed Pounds Without Leaving Home

Blue Fat Freeze System utilizes a new technology that freezes the fat around certain areas of the body to eliminate unwanted fat cells. This lets wearers shed extra fats without leaving the comfort of home.


[USA, 07/28/2017] – Blue Fat Freeze System offers individuals on the go a hassle-free way to shed unwanted fats. The system involves a fat-loss belt that freezes the fat cells in targeted areas. The belt, then, reduces the temperature in the area until it creates the environment necessary for inducing “Fat Cell death.”

Eliminate Fat Cells in Certain Areas

The company offers two freeze wraps kits: for the abdomen and one that includes belts for the torso, arms, and legs. As such, it lets customers choose the kit that would work well for the areas that they wish to trim down.

The Fat Freeze Kit for the waist includes a large freeze wrap (59 inches long) that covers the entire midsection, three dual-targeting cold packs, and a measuring tape. The Fat Freeze Kit for the entire body, meanwhile, contains all the products included in the waist kit, plus two shorter fat-loss belts (31 inches long) designed specifically to hug the arms or legs right.

The fat loss belt works by adjusting the temperature in the area of the body wrapped in the belts, to facilitate “Fat Cell death.” Users may use the belts while reading a book or watching TV, for an effortless fat cell trimming experience. It does not disturb daily schedules, as clients may also wear the belts beneath their clothes as they run to the grocery store or go to work.

Hassle-Free Shipping

Clients based in Canada need not pay extra for shipping. Orders placed outside Canada will incur a $25 international shipping charge. The company follows a same-day shipping policy for orders placed and paid by 2 PM MST.

About Blue Fat Freeze System

Blue Fat Freeze System is a proprietary fat-loss belt that lets individuals “kill” the fat cells in certain areas of their body. It works by adjusting the temperature in the area to induce “Fat Cell death.” The product is the world’s easiest way to trim down unwanted fats.

To view the Fat-Freeze Kits they have on offer, visit the company’s website at

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