Tips of Easily Solving Self-Tan Related Problems

Self Tanning

Working with a professional tanning consultant can bear you some very great results. However, if you are looking to invest in it for a long time, that could get quite expensive especially based on your consultant. The accessibility of tanning products directly to the consumers has made it much easier and affordable.

When it comes to Self Tanning, there are some body areas that can be hard to reach thus leaving you with an uneven tan. Since making your tan look natural is the whole point in the first place, it’d make no sense to leave yours looking half done. Areas such as between your shoulder blades and the center of the back are some of the hard to reach when applying your tan. Even with a great sunless tanning lotion, you at least need to have an effective method of application. Though having someone help you apply your tanning lotion would be a great idea, you might not always have one around. Here are some proven tips that will help you handle any specific problems that you might encounter when doing your own tanning:

Self Tanning

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 Fair or Sensitive Skin

If you are doing your own tanning, you’ll need to find a way of solving a problem such as dealing with sensitive skin. There are very many Self Tanning products in the market that have made it quite easier for people manage their own tanning at their own time. For fair skin, you‘ll need to start your tanning with a base tan to prevent it from getting burned by overexposure.

Next, you need to find out whether your skin is oily, dry or a combination of the two; this will help you a lot when you are selecting the best tanning products for you. If your skin is very sensitive or prone to allergies, you should always use a DHA free wash off the product to clean it.

 Hard to Reach and Problematic Areas

Self Tanning can get a bit tricky especially when it comes to tanning places such as the middle of your back. If you are not so keen on having someone else do it for you, using an airbrush spray applicator would be a very wise choice. They offer maximum reach and will be very easy to use and properly tan your whole back.

Applying tanning lotions to an area such as your hairline can be very tricky especially if you are blonde or have light hair. You can use some moisturizer on your hairline prior to the application of the tanning lotion. For some hard areas such as the elbows, ankle, and knees, you need to exfoliate before you can apply the tanning lotion.

 Skin Uneven Coloration

Finally, you need to watch out for any uneven skin coloration that might occur as a result of some poor self Tanning techniques. For you to become a good tanner, you need to do some practice through the process of trial and error.

Whether you go for the damp makeup sponges, fluffy rollers or even sponge paintbrushes, you need to try your best to even out the tan coat. Once you are done applying the sunless tanning lotion, you need to apply a coat of some lotion. Finish up by mopping up any patches of lotion that might be left on your body.

Before you get worried about areas that you can’t reach, you should first ensure that you are well prepared for your Self Tanning session. There are other problems such as sensitive skin and uneven coloration that you should look out for. With some practice, you’ll soon be able to give yourself a perfect sunless tan.

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