Buy the Highest Quality Olive Oil from Eretz Gshur

Eretz Gshur is a leading name in providing the best quality olive oils. They sell their products in wide series which include Fisholin, Cortina, Corneyake, Syrian, Picwell and so on. All these oils are manufactured using the unique blend of herbs, fruits and other natural ingredients. These oils are aromatic, fruity, bitter and taste strong thus can be suitably used in the preparation of food. They distribute their products in different places such as Ariel, Ashkelon, Bukata, and Bat Yam, Beer Sheva, Gedera and many more areas of Israel.

Olive oil offers numerous health benefits if consumed daily. It can add more taste to your food, and a few drops of olive oil over pasta, fish and salads can make it more delicious. Olive oil (שמן זית) contains essential fats and minerals which are good for cardiovascular health. It has also been found in various studies that olive oils are the key ingredients to long and healthy life. Olive oil contains antioxidants, thus it can be very helpful in high blood pressure, cholesterol, inflammation and Alzheimer’s disease. Those people, who consume olive oil daily, have lower risks of stroke as compared to people who do not. Consuming olive oils provided Eretz Gshur will surely improve your health as well as the quality of your skin.

Eretz Gshur offers you olive oil in the wide range of flavors. By delivering quality products and services, Eretz Gshur has become a leading distributor of the highest quality of olive oils. Their oils possess low acidity level and are also free from fatty acids. You can also apply it on your hair and scalp to prevent hair fall. They manufacture olive oils using superior ingredients and innovative approach thus the olive oil offered by the company is suitable for people of all ages.

If you are seeking the highest quality olive oil at fair prices, then Eretz Gshur can be the one stop destination for you. Their professionals perform strict quality checks in order to meet your expectations. If you have any query regarding their products, then you can contact their professionals. They are dedicated to providing quick response to their customers.

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Contact Info: Kibbutz Gesher, Golan Heights, 12942

Tel: 072-259-28-26

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