Elcam Medical: Offering Innovative Anesthesia and IV Therapy Products

Infections pose severe health risks for patients as well as are a great challenge for medicinal specialists to treat their patients. Drug administration to such patients is facilitated through medical devices that need to be sterilized after every use. However, on the other hand the concept of using disposable medical devices proves to be the highly beneficial solution for sterilization. These devices are used by hospitals and healthcare units as an effort towards ensuring safety for their patients and staff.

Elcam Medical is a renowned OEM disposable medical device provider, offering innovative and unique solutions. The company leads in implementing sincere efforts towards enhancing safety of patient and infusion nurse by focusing on the details regarding the safety of fluid administration in Anesthesia applications and IV therapy. They endeavour to provide fundamental elements for safer fluid management in OEM markets.

Here are some of their innovative and advanced anesthesia and IV therapy products:-

  • Marvelous:-

It is one of the most advanced and specially designed stopcocks for the purpose of increasing your safety and saving your precious time. It possesses a luer-activated valve and a circumferential channel which contribute towards safety of patients as well as caregiver. The luer-activated valve acts as a barrier for bacteria that minimizes the risk of contamination. The circumferential channel is created by the fluid flow, reaching the complete internal volume of valve. The internal volume is completely flushed to prevent stagnation and reduce the chances of bacterial colonization.

  • Safe2 Rotator:-

It is a connector that simplifies the work of anesthesiologists by providing certain beneficial features including spinning lock feature and a passive protection layer. S2R proves to be really effective in minimizing accidental disconnections and preventing leakage of blood and drug. Safe2 Rotator is designed for prevention of irreversible and severe patient injuries that arise when tube gets disconnected or tangled.

  • Clear-IT:-

It is a closed blood sampling system that addresses common blood sampling problems in the ICU. These problems include ICU anemia and infections that arise due to open systems through which bacteria enter the blood system of patients. This system is intuitive, safe, efficient and easy to use.

Elcam Medical focuses on maximizing the safety of individuals through their effective products in order to reduce the infection risk and at the same time ensure patient’s comfort. They are known for providing unique and differentiating solutions at competitive prices to their clients.

For getting more information, please visit http://www.infusesafety.com/.

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