Tega Provides the Most Advanced Mining Conveyor Belt Accessories at Best Prices

High-quality conveyor belt systems are necessary for the transportation of goods, and come at the best rates. Superior conveyor belts and accessories can make the operations of units more efficient. Tega Industries, a member of the Tega Group of Companies, has mining conveyor belt accessories built with the best technology available for customers at the best prices.

Tega Industries has the best conveyor belt accessories in the best design and quality. Its accessories include Tega JUMBO: Impact Bed System, Universal Support System, Tracker Roller, Conveyor Belt Cleaner, Friflo Impact Pad, Spill-Ex Skirt Sealing System, Ceramic Pulley Lagging and many more. Each of these accessories comes with the promise of the most superior quality, the latest technology and the best pricing. TEGA Conveyor Products has a strong design team that ensures optimal functioning.

The mining conveyor belt accessories are available at the most reasonable rates, and can easily solve various mining process requirements. Like other offerings from Tega Industries, these come with an impeccable quality and are highly important for optimal performance of industrial units. The systematic approach and technical competence of the company ensures the best performance quality and efficiency of operations.

Tega Industries has a database consisting of 5000 conveyor systems and chutes with complete record of the issues and solutions for each of them. Its in-house R&D team has gathered this knowledge in one place. It has made effective use of software and technologies to devise the best design solutions that can take care of every market requirement.

The conveyor belt systems and accessories from Tega Industries are the best value for money offerings. These keep up the name of the manufacturer, which is acknowledged as a top solution provider in environmental, mining, material handling, mill liners and mineral processing industries. The company is one of the biggest names in the production and design of consumables for bulk solids handling, mineral beneficiation and mining industries.

About Tega Industries

Tega Industries is based in Kolkata, West Bengal. It is a flagship firm of the Tega Group of Companies and is the largest non-OEM manufacturers of various solutions used in mineral processing, mining, material handling and other industries.

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Contact Information

Tega Industries

147, Block – G, HumayunKabirSarani,

New Alipore, Kolkata – 700 053

Phone no: 33 2282 7531

Fax no: +91 33 23963649

Contact Name: SauravBhattacharjee

Email id:saurav.bhattacharjee@tegaindustries.com.

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