Authentic Provence Offers a Fine Selection of Antique Fountain

The Florida-based European lifestyle source has been offering a wide range of antique fountains since 1998.

[West Palm Beach, 07/31/2017] – Outdoor fountains help enhance one’s health and property. Florida-based lifestyle source, Authentic Provence offers clients with a wide range of hand carved antique limestone fountains.

An Extensive Selection of Antique Fountains

The company wishes to give its clients’ gardens a classic look, with a key feature in many outdoor settings.Its hand carved French and Italian limestone fountains date back to the 18th century.

Authentic Provence says, “Each of these one-of-a-kind masterpieces will undoubtedly bring the charm of Provence to your garden.”

Among the company’s collections are central fountains, wall fountains, fountain heads, and spouts.

Authentic Provence adds that fountain heads accentuate and personalize basins. Pieces include English lead figurines, terra cotta dauphins grotesques, and antique hand carved Triton con delfino.

Exquisite Workmanship

The Florida-based company partners with well-known stone sculptors and carvers in France and Italy. The artisans are responsible for providing Europe with some of the most beautiful preservations and restorations in historical attractions.

It can also customize fountains. Clients can choose from an array of materials, including marble and terra cotta. In addition, the company’s fountain collection features a wide range of spouts that come in antique brass or iron.

Florida-based European lifestyle source will sculpt customized fountains the same way French artisans have been carving for centuries, lending an authentic look to each garden piece.

Clients may view the entire collection in person, in Authentic Provence’s “Secret Garden.”

About Authentic Provence

Husband and wife, Wolfgang and Susan Hofherr, established Authentic Provence in 1998. What started out as a humble showroom became a 45,000 square foot enterprise. It features the finest selection of French and Italian reclaimed building materials, as well as garden antiques, fountains, fireplace mantels, and period furniture.

The company has two showrooms located in West Palm Beach, FL.

Visit the website today for more information.

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