it is equally important that each of our patients

Welcome to Medihelp, the first private headache and migraine center in Serbia. Our mission is that every person, regardless of age or health, feels like he has been carefully examined, and fully informed of everything in detail. Also, it is equally important that each mozdani udar of our patients, with our help, gain confidence and the ability to manage their headaches and thus improve the quality of their lives.
A large number of patients coming to our center for headaches are in serious condition, usually after they have undergone numerous unsuccessful treatments, with the headaches that are no longer able to control, which are frequent, or every day, and that is the reason why they have significant family, social and work problems, and very often are not understood enough by their surroundings. We know what this means, and we trust every word of our patients. In a friendly and direct medical contact with you, we spend enough time devoted to your problem in a friendly atmosphere of our center, where we have created a small temple which we call “MediHelp Center for headaches and migraines.”
Over 300 different types of headaches, huge number of dizziness reasons as well as cerebral circulation disorders, are subject to thorough examination, diagnosis and treatment applied by doctors in this office. The aim of the multidisciplinary team of doctors is to quickly diagnose and differentiate potentially serious causes of these diseases, as well as the application of modern therapy procedures in the treatment of them.
Our center offer various treatments for vrtoglavica, migrena, glavobolja, mozdani udar, kolor dopler krvnih sudova, depresija, EEG, EMNG, nesvestica, vrtoglavica i mucnina.
Checkups are performed by eminent doctors of various specialties, experts in the field of headache, disturbances of cerebral circulation, and dizziness (neurology, neurootology-ORL, ophthalmology, cardiology, vascular surgery, neurosurgery, neuroradiology, immunology, physical therapy, psychiatry), but also all other branches of medicine.

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