The strongest roof estimating tool in the kit

How to develop the strongest roof estimating tool in the kit? Keep improving!

Here at AppliCad, we take strong pride in our close collaboration with you, our industry clients. Over the past 26 years, particularly in the metal segment, we have invented some World-first, powerful functions. That means we have the strongest roof estimating tool in the kit with the Roof Wizard, giving our clients the competitive edge.

Did you know that about 80% of metal roofs installed in Australia are estimated using the AppliCad Roof Wizard? This is why we are confident we know metal roofs, but that does not let us rest on our laurels.

We strive to get better every day

Our team listens to software user questions and feedback to get better every day.

AppliCad has the strongest estimating tools


Our continuous improvement approach in software development means that we design new features to benefit the software user through added functionality or better usability. This makes our Roof Wizard more versatile and therefore better and stronger than many of the tablet apps in the market.

New software update coming soon – Roof Wizard version 8.2

We are currently beta testing our Roof Wizard software version 8.2, to be released prior to MetalCon 2017 in Las Vegas. (Yes, we will be there!)

AppliCad continuously develops new functions to enhance functionality and user friendliness

Over the coming weeks, we will share some sneak peeks of the exciting new things the Roof Wizard 8.2 will have in store for you.

Be ready to take advantage of the new update

Make sure to update your IP/technical support license to take advantage of this highly anticipated upgrade! Look out for or subscribe to our Managing Director Ray Smith’s news emails over the coming weeks, we will reveal more there!

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