Improve the Aesthetics of Your Home with MG Masonry

MG Masonry is your one-stop destination from where you can expect bespoke craftsmanship in stonework. Matt Gross of MG Masonry is a well recognized craftsman having vast experience in developing new stone buildings and restoring existing stone structures. He is specialized in offering broad range of styles in each and every stonework project. He has earned a great reputation in stone restoration industry with his attention to details, solid experience and quality workmanship. Matt Gross and his proficient team assist you in improving the appearance of your home exteriors beyond your expectations.

The services available at MG Masonry are enlisted below:

  • Stone Restoration: Stone restoration offered by MG Masonry can restore appearance of your building, shopping centres and heritage landmarks along with preventing further deterioration. They select the first rated construction materials and choose suitable sands that match mortar texture. Thus, whether you want stone restoration in doorways, air-conditioner holes, old windows or conversely, MG Masonry can be the considerable option for you.
  • Stone Repointing: Stone repointing Adelaide is the best way to maintain old stone structures and home buildings. Over the time, weather and moisture weaken the wall components, stone repointing can sort out the issue by employing different styles.
  • Garden Walls: If you want to give your garden a traditional look with retaining walls or a contemporary look with the latest architectural masterpiece, then you should hire Matt Gross for quality results. Matt Gross and his team of stone mason Adelaide hold expertise to create stone gateways, tine paths, retaining walls etc. in your garden. They offer creative ideas and solutions that meet your expectations of having a beautiful garden at your home.
  • Cleaning and Crack Repairs: The cleaning work and stone work of any building structure should be carried out properly by using appropriate technique in order to prevent damage. The stone mason Adelaide Hills of MG Masonry perform crack repairs and cleaning effectively and install new air vents, if required. These air vents prevent the building structures from moisture and ensure appropriate ventilation.

In addition to this, MG Masonry is also best known for salt damp repairs and brickwork. They replace the salt affected masonry components and salts and install sturdy plastic made damp course membrane and accomplish stonework,

To know more about their stone work, you can visit

Contact: PO Box 2435, Goolwa SA 5214 South Australia

Phone: 0417 197 928


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