Arachidonic Acids (ARA) Market: GLobal Industry Supply and Demand Analysis

Arachidonic acid is a long chain fatty acid which combined with docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), helps in the improvement of an infant’s brain cells. Arachidonic acid is one of the most important acids belong to the omega 6 group. Arachidonic acids are stored in the cell membranes and send signals of adaptive changes in case of any damage done to the muscles. Lack of naturally forming arachidonic acids in the human body can be compensated through the intake of the same in form of tablets, injections and/or syrups.

Rising demand for arachidonic acid for healing critical injuries is expected to push the demand for the arachidonic acids market during the forecast period. Rising number of outdoor activities such as marathons, car racing, FIFA, and Olympics, where the risk of physical injuries is high, is expected to push the demand for arachidonic acids significantly. Further, rising road accidents are another major factor for the rapid growth in the demand for arachidonic acids at present. Additionally, rising awareness regarding child care and rising demand for baby care are some of the major factors aiding in the growth in the demand for arachidonic acids at present.

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However, the production of arachidonic acids is attached with several intellectual property rights which might slow down the growth of the arachidonic acids market at present, thus restraining its growth.

However, the developing countries are expected to exhibit significant opportunities for the growth of the arachidonic acids market on account of rising number of sporting events, increasing child care awareness, increasing demand for baby products and rising awareness regarding the benefits offered by arachidonic acids.

Based on types, the global arachidonic acids market has been bifurcated into nutritional food supplements & ingredients, diagnostic devices, cardiovascular health products and infant care products and nutritional oils. These products are widely used for a variety of purposes such as the overall development of the nervous system in infants, development of eyes, genes and protein detection, and cardiac health care.

Based on end use, the arachidonic acids market has been classified into industrial chemicals, life science products, performance materials, cosmetics and nutritional products among others.

Further, based on application, the arachidonic acid market has been classified into human usage and non-human usage. Non-human usable acids are inclusive of animal feed which accounts for a major share in the arachidonic acids market and the same is expected to retain market dominance throughout the forecast period on account of rising awareness regarding animal care.

Based on regions, North America and Europe are major markets for arachidonic acids, especially for human usage due to the high number of educated citizens and high healthcare spending. Asia Pacific however, is expected to witness a rapid surge in the demand for arachidonic acid due to rising penetration end use industries such as pharmaceuticals, and food supplements among others. Latin America and Middle East and Africa are untapped markets for arachidonic acids and are expected to grow moderately throughout the forecast period.

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Some of the major players operating in the arachidonic acids market include Cabio Biotech, Co. Ltd, Qingdao Fraken International Trading Co. Ltd., CR International Ltd. Blue Bio,, DoubleNutra Biotech Co Ltd., and Nutral among others. Further, DSM Food Specialties BV and Martek Bio Sciences Group entered into an agreement with each other to produce and supply arachidonic acids. The terms and conditions states that both the companies are licensed to use the intellectual properties of each other that are related to arachidonic acids and perform R&D activities to help expand the industry. This move is expected to bring about a significant growth in the arachidonic acids market during the forecast period.

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