Hand Dryer Market: Industrial Analysis, Global Opportunities, End User Industries, Global Forecast From 2014 to 2025

Hand dryer Market

The global Hand dryer Market 13.2% during the period, 2017–2025. It offers comprehensive analysis of factors that fuel or impede growth of the market.

The study offers introduction of the global hand dryer market in respect to scope. It includes executive summary of the industry, such as recent developments, trend analysis, competitive landscape, and market attractiveness. It incorporates Porter’s Five Forces Analysis (PFFA) to assess rivalry among manufacturers. The report evaluates bargaining power of buyers & suppliers, threat from substitutes & new entrants, and competition in the industry. It segments the market into mode of operation, type, end-user, and region.

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The research bifurcates the global hand dryer market based on mode of operation into push button and automatic. As per it, the industry finds its end-user in hospitals and clinics, service industry, food processing, hotel, commercial complexes, and office buildings. Further, based on product type, it splits the market into hot hand dryer and jet hand dryer. Regionally, the report classifies the market into North America, Asia-Pacific, Europe, and Latin America Middle East & Africa (LAMEA). It assesses industry share of mode of operations, products, end-users, and geographies for the period, 2014–2025. It analyses industry size of each mode of sale, product, and end-user by regions for the historic period as well as forecast period, 2014–2016 and 2017–2025, respectively.

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The study discusses leading manufacturers of the global hand dryer market, such as Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Dyson Ltd., American Dryer, World Dryer, Hokwang Industries Co. Ltd., Excel Dryer, Inc., Palmer Fixture, Panasonic Corporation, Bio JetDrier, and J.V.D SAS. It explores these firms based on criterions set which include finance & business segment and recent advancements of every company. Further, the report offers description of factors that accelerate progress of the market which include low energy consumption and product customization. It also explores alternative aspect that propel growth of the industry, such as one time investment, technological advancement, and eco-friendly technology.

The study discusses feature that slow down prosperity of global hand dryer market which includes lack of durability. It depicts abovementioned parameters of the industry through tables and figures. For instance, there are tables that show revenue generated by all segments of the market. Moreover, according to its findings regions, such as Asia-Pacific possess great potential for the industry. The analysts maintain that with continuous rise in population and disposable income in these countries would provide better growth opportunities than other regions to the market. Thus, gives fair chance to stakeholders to identify new investment pockets.

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Table of Content for Hand dryer Market

  1. Executive summary
    1.1. Key Findings
    1.2. Market Attractiveness and Trend analysis
    1.3. Competitive Landscape and recent industry development analysis
  2. Introduction
    2.1. Report Description
    2.2. Scope and Definitions
    2.3. Research Methodology
  3. Market landscape
    3.1. Growth Drivers
    3.1.1. Impact Analysis
    3.2. Restrains and Challenges
    3.2.1. Impact Analysis
    3.3. Porter’s Analysis
    3.3.1. Bargaining power of buyers
    3.3.2. Bargaining power of suppliers
    3.3.3. Threat of substitutes
    3.3.4. Industry rivalry
    3.3.5. Threat of new entrants
    3.4. Global Hand Dryer Market Shares Analysis, 2014-2025
    3.4.1. Global hand dryer market share by product type, 2014-2025



List of Tables

Contain 39 Tables


List of Figures

Contain 44 Figures


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