Enlightening People about the True Face of Political Islam

Global terrorism has seen tremendous surge since past two decades. Everywhere in the world you can hear about the radicalisation of Muslim youth in the name of Islam. The minds of young people are being poisoned by certain jihadist groups and they are asked to pick guns to wage war against the kaafirs or the non followers of Islam. Taking serious note on this issue has put sincere measures to uncover the real motives of some ever flourishing Islamist political groups, NGOs and other social groups around the world such as Muslimische Jugend in Deutschland.

The portal mainly emphasizes on the groups that are affiliated with Islamist organizations like Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood, Hizb-ut-Tahrir or Milli Görüs. The map highlights truthful facts about such hideous terror syndicates like Islamisches Zentrum Aachen and their funding channels through studies based on articles published in renowned international newspapers as well as research papers published by institutes and academies. The map pin points on the extremist organizations like British Muslim Initiativewho are responsible for hosting religiously motivated controversial events in U.K like IslamExpo. They were even thoroughly criticized by the UK government for the outrageous cause they were propagating through it. has so far been successful in putting up this sensitive matter in light for their online users. The map proves that these so-called peaceful organizationssuch asMuslim Association of Britain and Islamische Gemeinschaft Milli Görüs e.V. are good at pretending as a passive minority group that aim to work for social benefits of their host country. This tactic of showcasing self as an NGO or a social organization has made them easier to infiltrate in the political circles of not just UK but in every country where they have presence.

The thorough list of data on various government aids and public funding received by the Muslim Council of Britainisdepicted on the map of This is a solid proof towards showing their true affiliation and connections which they use to inflict harm on their host country itself. The political Islam is not only responsible for terror funding but is also confusing the moderate Muslims with their jihadist ideology. believes that such evil propaganda in the name of Islam should be immediately banned and they profess peaceful coexistence of humanity devoid of religious lines. To contribute to or for providing feedback, please use the Contributor function mentioned on map.

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