Merton Auto Body Ensures Utmost Convenience for Clients Needing Vehicle Repair

Sussex-based auto repair company, Merton Auto Body, makes car fixes stress-free for clients with its streamlined service process. Assessment and estimation are done quickly, and clients can bring in their vehicles for emergency repair after work hours.

[Sussex, 08/03/2017] – Merton Auto Body, a trusted repair center in Waukesha County, covering the nearby areas, goes the extra mile in providing their clients with a fast and hassle-free repair. It eliminates long wait times and makes sure it helps meet their customers’ commuting needs while the vehicle is at their service center.

Utmost Convenience for Clients

The company takes the stress off customers by making the process of getting back on the road significantly easy. From the minute the vehicle arrives at the center, an in-house appraiser quickly assesses the damage. Their estimation process takes approximately 15 minutes.

They offer loaner cars for clients whose insurance coverage does not include a rental car while their vehicle is at the service center. They also have a 24-hour key drop for those who need to bring their vehicles in after hours.

Unlike other repair centers that take excruciatingly long to finish a repair, the company’s “keys-to-keys” average is just 2.7 days. This means that they diligently work on the repairs, so clients do not have to be without their vehicle for a long time.

Approved by Industry Experts

The Better Business Bureau awarded the company an A+ rating. They have, moreover, 100% approval ratings from the American Family Insurance in two categories: Repair Cycle Time and Customer Satisfaction, with a ranking of 94th percentile on a national scale.

When it comes to quality of work, they are second to none, as all of their in-house technicians received certification by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) and I-CAR Gold.

About Merton Auto Body

Merton Auto Body has been the repair center of choice for Waukesha County residents and those from the surrounding areas for seven decades and counting. They have a rock-solid reputation for providing top-grade repairs in less time, and even back the quality of their work with a lifetime guarantee.

To learn about what makes them stand out among other repair centers in the area, visit their website at

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