O’Brien Garage Doors Recommends Five Easy Steps to Find the Ideal Garage Door

O’Brien Garage Doors offers quality garage doors from the world’s best brands. The company suggests five simple ways to determine the garage door that fits a home.

[Philadelphia, 08/04/2017] — Choosing the right door for the garage is important because it is usually the first thing in a property that outsiders see. A durable and aesthetically pleasing garage door improves home security, creates a positive first impression, and increases property value.

O’Brien Garage Doors, a garage door installer and service provider based in Pennsylvania, gives homeowners valuable advice on the right garage door for their home.

Finding the Ideal Garage Door

The company recommends five steps to find the proper garage door replacement for a residential property.

  • Size – Determining the size of the garage door is the first step, as the beauty and durability of a door will mean nothing if it does not fit the frame. The company advises homeowners to measure the existing garage door’s height and width accurately.
  • Insulation – It also reminds owners to find out if the garage door requires insulation. Customers ordering from O’Brien Garage Doors will be glad to know that most of its products are equipped with varying levels of insulation to help regulate the temperature of the garage.
  • Style – Choosing the style of the garage door comes next. The company encourages homeowners to select a style that complements the architecture of their property.
  • Brand – When it’s time for homeowners to choose a garage door brand, the company can assist them in selecting from its list of top manufacturers. The company supplies doors only from reputable manufacturers, including MidAmerica, doorLink, C.H.I., and Amarr.
  • Security – Lastly, the company advises homeowners to choose the right security features for their choice of garage door.

Providing Garage Door Openers for Electric Garage Doors

Customers who opt for an electric garage door have one more step to take; they need a garage door opener. They can choose from the company’s broad selection of garage door openers from the best brands, and the company will take care of installing the machine for them.

About O’Brien Garage Doors

Family owned and operated for more than 30 years, the company works hard to maintain the trust and satisfaction of customers by providing dependable, top-quality garage door services, installation, and repairs. Customers can expect the company’s crew to get to work right away and finish the job as soon as possible.

Browse through the company’s website at http://www.obriengarage.com for more information on their products and brands.

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