Mineducation launched application that offers free download of e-books

The Ministry of Education launched the application ” Library 2.0:  Read is my Story” that allows free download more than 500 books as discussed by dissertation writing service.

In the framework of the National Reading and Writing Plan, Mineducation launched the Library 2.0 app: Read is my Story that allows downloading more than 500 free books in order to support teachers’ pedagogical work and foster a taste for reading in the children. It seeks to facilitate access to books to reflect on peace through the collection Read is the tale of the generation of peace. There are several digitized series that are part of a greater effort to encourage reading in Colombians, particularly those with low incomes.

About the app to download free books

Read is my Story contains digital books that can be easily downloaded for iOS or Android. It is part of the project to strengthen home libraries through the free circulation of books intended especially for families in poverty.

Digitized collections for download at no cost

  1. Reading is the tale of the generation of peace

It appeals to literature to deal with sensitive issues related to armed conflict, memory and peace mediation, in order to build a peaceful culture that arises in the community itself.

  1. Literature

It is a collection that offers Western books for all ages , with interactive resources feasible to implement in the classroom and eye-catching designs.

  1. Teaching Books

Essays, experiences, memories and reflections on didactics that were designed for teachers and librarians who wish to update their teaching methods.

  1. Narrated Territories

It consists of bilingual publications that compile drawings and narrations of indigenous, Rrom, raizal and afro in original language. Its objective is to spread the native art among the smallest of the country.

Managers of the Read app is my story

The initiative is part of the Ministry of Culture and Education to make reading an everyday tool that creates spaces for enjoyment, work and social opportunities. While the Ministry of Culture is responsible for early childhood and public libraries, the Ministry of Education concentrates its energies on school libraries.

Objectives for the dissemination of free readings

To achieve the government’s goal of being the most educated country in Latin America in 2025 , the government proposed short-term goals that will materialize from the date until 2018. In addition to the Library 2.0 app and its collections, it will build 100 public libraries in Deprived sites of the country, will acquire 10 million books and increase from 1.9 to 3.2 the number of books read by Colombian annually.

Book fairs , 85% of public libraries, librarian training programs, government advisory services to implement projects in each library, ICT application in these spaces and motivation for each Child read aloud every day for 15 minutes , in order to share with their family.


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