Reading extends life, study says

A study at Yale University found that people with a reading habit live 2 years longer than those who do not read as discussed by dissertation writing service.


A  scientific study  of the School of Public Health and the Laboratory of Epidemiology at Yale University concluded that  the readers of books live up to 2 years than those who do not read if you spend reading a minimum of  3.5 hours Per week for a period of 12 years . Although not a main variable to determine how much a person will live, the study found a pattern of repetition that would prolong life if it was accompanied by other directly related characteristics such as health or personal economy.

Researchers at Yale University, Avni Bavishi, Martin D. Slade and Becca R. Levy conducted a study that included  3,635 people  and contained questions about the habit of reading. They divided the participants into three groups: those who do not read, those who read up to 3.5 hours a day and those who read more than the specified time.

The experiment was extracted that the second group has a 17% chance of living RT = or the group no reader and the third group , up to 23% . Promissory translates into 2 more years of life if the habit is maintained for 12 consecutive years.

The reading survival advantage works through a cognitive mediator and is independent of gender, wealth, health, and education, although they are variables that powerfully influence the life span of a person.

It was observed that the group with the most hours of reading of books per week belongs to the feminine gender, has university education and high income . Age, subjective perception of health, employment, marital status and depression are other factors that affect longevity.

Importantly, the advantage is in people who read books , as readers of magazines and newspapers are less likely to extend their lives. However, it is greater to people who do not directly read. As for printed books and electronic books, I can not establish a differentiation, it is known that the paper allows greater understanding than the screen.

Just a half hour of reading per day , which could translate into a chapter, provides a survival advantage greater than other leisure activities.

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