6 tips for getting a job while you’re employed

In many ways, finding a job while you are employed can be the same as the job you can do as an unemployed person. However, in some ways, it is different. Therefore, if you are working but want to change jobs, pay attention to the following tips.


Some people looking for work while employed are doing it openly. Others do it behind their backs and bosses and coworkers. Whatever your situation, it is best that you take into account these six tips , published by the leading dissertation writing service 

1. Prepare your references. Most staff recruiters prefer to talk about referrals to your recent jobs. If your employers know you are looking for work, go to them to speak on your behalf. But if they do not know that you are looking for another job, try to find professionals you trust that have nothing to do with the company in which you are working, to put them as a reference.

  1. Be a strategist. 
    Take some time to really think what kind of work you would like to get, what salary you intend to receive, etc. This will help you determine which jobs to apply for and for which jobs. Remember that having a job that takes up most of your time, you will have little to do a search that meets your needs.
  2. Handle your time wisely. Do not turn your office into the search center for a new job. Try to do network searches at night, set job interviews for your free hours and try to use the phone as much as possible.

4. Be discreet. Until you have completed a new job, save the search for yourself. As much as you are tempted to tell your intentions to your trusted workmate, the most professional thing is to remain silent.

  1. Hire professional help. Consider hiring a professional or human resources firm to lighten the weight of the search. They usually specialize in working according to your work and time requirements.

  2. Be selective. 
    The professionals looking for work while employed have more opportunities than the unemployed. Being inserted in the labor market allows you to keep your skills to the maximum and continue to generate contacts for your professional network, so it is necessary that you do not despair and make a correct decision when changing from one job to another that is more beneficial.



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