Get Appropriate Commercial Property Damage Assessments with United States Adjusters

Obtain fair and full compensation for losses with Commercial Property Damage Assessments from United States Adjusters. Its team of professionals helps business owners obtain appropriate settlements.

[Coral Springs, 8/9/2017] – United States Adjusters is a company that provides public claims adjustments to homeowners and businesses nationwide. The company’s commercial claims adjusters help clients with commercial property damage claims make the most of their insurance.

Fair Claims on Commercial Losses

Commercial property damage incurs a serious loss of income for any business. Natural disasters like hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, as well as man-made damage like vandalism cause no shortage of trouble for businesses. Insured properties deserve compensation for any interruptions caused by such calamities, and claims adjusters can help immensely in these situations.

Handling Commercial Losses of Any Size

The company’s commercial claims adjusters excel at representing insured claimants; they handle commercial loss consulting for shopping malls, hospitals, restaurants, religious establishments, hotels and more. Ensuring fair and full damage assessments are an adjuster’s specialization, committed to granting business owners the maximum possible settlement.


Commercial claims adjusters handle a variety of insurance claims: from guiding clients with new claims, taking over pending claims, reopening/supplementing claims, and re-documenting and obtaining the maximum settlement for underpaid or denied claims.

With the help of an expert commercial claims adjuster, business owners should no longer be intimidated or stressed when filing for insurance claims. Public adjusters recognize the hassle of losing business to property damage and will do everything it takes to get clients the compensation they deserve.

About United States Adjusters

United States Adjusters’ team is experienced in the insurance adjusting and consulting industry. They are dedicated to assisting clients, and, through hard work and dedication, are able to obtain the results their clients deserve. Public adjusters have no conflict of interest when negotiating on your behalf with insurance companies.

To learn more about their appraisal and consulting services, visit their website at

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