Hascall Steel Company Offers Hot Rolled Steel Coils for Automotive Applications

Hascall Steel Company supplies hot rolled steel coils for industrial projects. The company’s coils are produced with advanced technologies and stringent requirements.

[Grandville, 08/08/2017] – Hascall Steel, a steel service company, provides products and services to industries with high-quality steel requirements. Their durable hot rolled steel coils are processed at high temperatures. Clients will find many uses for the company’s product, such as in railroad and construction projects.

Roll-Pressed at High Temperatures

Hot Rolled Steel Coils start out as metal sheets with widths ranging from .5 to 72 inches, and thickness from 0.010 to 0.325 inches. These sheets, also called billets, are flattened into large rolls during the pre-processing stage. The billet is heated to temperatures of over 1,700°F, well above steel’s re-crystallization temperature, and roll-pressed continuously to its finished dimensions.

Strength Over Surface Finish

Hot rolled steel is left to cool at room temperature, eliminating internal stresses caused by quenching and other work-hardening processes. This type of steel coil is commonly used in applications where precise dimensions or shapes are not necessary. Surface finish is less of a concern with hot rolled steel coils, prioritizing overall material strength.

A Variety of Applications

The company’s hot rolled steel coils serve a variety of industrial applications, including rail tracks, storage tanks, tubes and pipes, truck frames, automotive wheel rims, railcar components, guard rails, and automotive clutch plates. With precision processing methods, customers can be sure of the strength and durability of these hot rolled steel coils.

For industrial applications that require only the highest quality, strength, and precision in processing, Hascall Steel’s Hot Rolled Steel Coils meets those needs and more.

About Hascall Steel Company

Hascall Steel Company has been in the flat-roll steel processing business for 45 years, emerging as experts in their craft and exceeding customer expectations. Their steel services have provided slit steel, blanked steel, cut-to-length steel, edge-conditioned steel and more, with a distinct processing expertise and commitment to quality. Their expansive catalog has made them one of the leading steel service companies in the USA.

For more information on hot rolled steel sheets and coils, contact the company through their phone number, (888) 579-5902. To learn more about their steel products and services, visit their website at http://www.hascallsteel.com/steel-services/flat-rolled-steel-coils/.

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