MÜV Fitness Helps Clients Stay Fit with Training Programs

The fitness center helps clients achieve fitness goals through an extensive range of weight training and fitness challenges. 

[United States, 08/08/2017] – MÜV Fitness aims to motivate clients to pursue better health with its range of fitness programs. The fitness center addresses weight-related concerns through intensive training, MÜV Fitness challenges, and a variety of group fitness classes(e.g. Zumba, yoga, aquatics, and Pilates).

The State of Fitness

According to the American Heart Association, nearly 78 million of adults in the United States struggle with poor health due to obesity. Fortunately, the growing awareness regarding the need for proper health motivates a number to take fitness seriously. Forty-five percent of Americans now exercise to spare themselves from future health concerns.

MÜV Fitnessremarks, “Whether you want to look better, feel better, sleep better, perform better, or just be healthier, every program and amenity we offer is aimed at helping our members remain consistent with their workouts and achieve their fitness goals.”

MÜV It & Lose It Fitness Challenge

The fitness center encourages clients to experience the MÜV difference through its MÜV It & Lose It
Challenge (MiLi).

The program steers clients away from unsuccessful fad diets. Participants of the challenge lose the excess pounds in a team-oriented environment. The recent MiLi challenge saw clients add 4 pounds of muscle and weight loss of 18 to 41 pounds in just 12 weeks.

Participants of the challenge can expect the following:
•2 challenges
•$25,000 total cash prizes
•Seminars and group workouts
•Participation drawings
•Challenge kickoff and final challenge parties

MÜV Training

At the core of each MÜV program is a steady and functional approach to training. The center will challenge clients to achieve one milestone after the other, especially for those who feel their routines have reached a plateau. Clients can benefit from its small class sizes and instructors passionate in helping them reach their fitness goals.

About MÜV Fitness

MÜV Fitness is a fitness center with a total of 12 locations in South Carolina, Oregon, Colorado, and Washington. Its determination to help clients reach fitness goals drives the center to provide results-oriented programs. From physical challenges to exercise trainings, the center helps members remain consistent with their workouts.

Visit the https://muvfitnessclub.com website for more information.

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