McDougal Funeral Home Offers Various Cremation Options

The Utah-based funeral home offers various cremation options that focus on different ways to honor the life of the deceased.

[Taylorsville, 8/9/2017] – Cremation is increasingly popular these days. With cremation currently overtaking traditional burials, the McDougal Funeral Home offers three options that honor the life of the departed.

Cremation Rates Nearly Double, Outranking Traditional Burials

Cremation, over the past few years, has surpassed traditional burials, according to a report from Time. The Cremation Association of North America further notes that cremation rate has closely doubled in the past decade and a half.

More Americans are now choosing cremation as a way to remember their loved ones. It also allows greater flexibility when it comes to preserving memories.

Various Cremation Options

The McDougal Funeral Home assures families that even if they choose to cremate their loved ones, the funeral service is still the same as that of a traditional burial. While cremation does not eliminate the need for a funeral service, it also does not require one. The ceremony serves to honor the life of the deceased.

The Utah-based funeral home offers three options for families that choose to cremate their loved ones:

• Complete Cremation Services: This is similar to a traditional funeral, except that cremation takes place instead of a casket burial. Once completed, the family gets the cremated remains for safe-keeping, scattering, or burial.

• Immediate Cremation Service: Typically followed by a memorial service, this option refers to the immediate cremation of the body. The funeral home, however, suggests that families allow themselves to have a private viewing of the deceased to acknowledge that death occurred, so they may start the grieving process.

• Direct Cremation: This option refers to the funeral home’s removal and transportation of the body directly to its care.

About McDougal Funeral Home

First opened in 1950, the establishment has become one of Salt Lake Valley’s primary funeral homes. Built on compassion, trust, and service, the business provides care and support to individuals who are going through the loss of a loved one. It offers high quality services at reasonable prices are reasonable priced. The McDougal Funeral Home stands by its motto: “Service measured not by gold, but by the Golden Rule.”

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