Origen Sagrada – Most Famous Ayahuasca Healing Retreat in Colombia

Origen Sagrada is one of the famous community for providing Ayahuasca healing retreat in Colombia. They strictly follow the traditions of their elders in Colombia. In the ayahuasca healing process, they start with the healing ceremony with the herbal plant bath which will harmonize the energies; the herbal plants are Ayahuasca and Chacruna. And the ceremony will be done in the forest because it would be the correct place for relaxation and for the healing retreat. The Shamans and the elders in their community will guide the people in each healing process of it.

Ayahuasca Healing Retreat

The Healing retreat will be done with one of the sacred plants of ayahuasca which is found in the Amazon forest and it is used to prepare Yage medicine for the ayahuasca healing treatment. The Yage medicines are prepared by the shamans in the open fire with the help of their elder’s guidance and advice. The ayahuasca healing treatment will be provided to their patients for recovery of their psychological illness. And moreover, the shamans and their elders believe that with the help of their medicine they will get recover their ancestral knowledge.

Physical Preparation

For getting ayahuasca healing retreat you have to strictly follow the physical preparations like

  • No recreational drugs including cocaine, ecstasy and also marijuana for at least 1 week
  • No Alcohol for a minimum of 48 hours
  • And also no sexual contact for a minimum of 48 hours

Ayahuasca Diet

For getting an ayahuasca healing retreat in Colombia you have to follow the proper diet to get a successful result for your healing retreat. So the best diet is to eat light vegetarian food before and after 3 days of ayahuasca healing ceremony, with moderate low content of salt, sugar and fat and most importantly only Raw food to be taken on the day of ceremony which is most recommended for everyone.

About Origen Sagrada    

The Origen Sagrada is one of the largest spiritual communities for the ayahuasca healing retreat in the Colombia. They have their highly skilled shamans and the healers, who were the best in the preparing the ayahuasca medicines and also in also the ayahuasca healing treatment process. The Medicines used for the ayahuasca healing retreat are Yage, Ambil and Mambe which are specially prepared by the Origen Sagrada community shamans in the Amazon forest. To know more details about ayahuasca retreats in Colombia, visit https://origensagrada.com/.


Phone – 424-262-2473,

Mail – danielle@origensagrada.com.

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