Stylish and Environment-Friendly Wooden Gazebos from Cedar Shed

Cedar Shed, a shed company in Victoria, offers stylish and sustainable wooden gazebos.

[Bayswater, 09/08/2017] – Cedar Shed, a Victoria-based team of shed builders, has a wide range of stylish and eco-friendly wooden gazebos for outdoor space enhancements. The company’s wooden gazebos are a functional and versatile addition to any property without compromising sustainability.

Stylish and Versatile

Cedar Shed’s wooden sheds have a variety of uses, depending on the preference and lifestyle of the client. Clients have the power to choose the colour of their Colorbond Roof to fit their personality.

‘Strong, Stylish & Practical’ are the three winning qualities of wooden gazebos from Cedar Shed. Clients may transform their gazebos into a sheltered recreational area in their garden and paved courtyard for a modern exterior structure. Cedar Shed recommends using them as weekend BBQ venues, poolside entertainment, and tennis pavilions.

Sustainability for Safety

All wooden gazebos from Cedar Shed are made with ECO treated prine framing that is free of arsenic. Arsenic is a toxic substance that may cause poisoning from prolonged exposure. The company uses sustainable materials to construct their wooden gazebos, ensuring safety for both clients and the environment.

Cedar Shed utilises polycarbonate Colorbond roofing for protection from harsh rain or sunlight. The hardware is both durable and weather-resistant, suitable for outdoor spaces. The flooring of the wooden gazebos is made from cypress timber, a termite-resistant material. The gazebo’s panels are pre-made and bolt together during the installation process.

About Cedar Shed

Cedar Shed has over three decades of experience in creating high-quality cedar structures. The team works closely with clients from the designing stage all the way to the installation. Their goal is to build the perfect studio, cubby or gazebo shed for their customer’s needs. Sheds produced by the company have great longevity, crafted from high-quality Western red cedar wood from Canada. The cedar is durable and withstands Australia’s weather without twisting, warping or bowing. It is free from harmful substances and safe for the whole family.

For more information about Cedar Shed and quote requests, visit their website at

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